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#1 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

It's hard when you're a scapegoat, you take so much punishment from the rest of the world and it's nearly impossible to fight back without making things worse. Yes, there are violent video games. Yes, we have crazy people who play these violent video games. But this doesn't mean that the video game industry is the cause for serial killings.

We need a leader. A person who can rise among our ranks and help stop this thought process. Someone who is charismatic and intelligent. Someone who breaks the stereotypes gamers have held for so long. It might not fix everything, but it's a step in the right direction.

#2 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

Doesn't Patrick know this is a website about VIDEO GAMES?!

But seriously, anyone who thinks this is a good idea should wonder if it's okay if they decided to sell a man's bloody torso with a humongous bulge in a union jack speedo and sculpted to god-like perfection.

You probably wouldn't think it's a good idea.

You probably would think it was dumb and pointless.

You probably would never put it in your room and feel proud about it.

You might even get angry, saying that this was a real dumb move on the developer's part.

But you think this bloody woman torso was not?

#3 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

@Suicrat said:


^This! I have been wanting a new Pikmin game for years now.

#4 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

People shouldn't be surprised, there are a lot of people who jump on projects on the last second. I was funding a project that was 70% of the way completed, I check with 12 hours left, it's at 95%. This is how Kickstarter works, this is how some people fund things, at the last second.

Auditorium 2 was gonna get made, it just needed to wait a little bit longer.

However, it's great you're raising awarness to the little guys of the little guys Patrick.

#5 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

I think people are missing a huge point here. If GS or CBS try anything funny to compromise the site, then there is no doubt in my mind that Jeff and the crew will leave AGAIN. They left GS with nothing but the clothes on their back. Now they have a huge fanbase and videogame companies backing them up. People KNOW who they are and what they do. If they had to leave GS (which I don't wish, just giving worse case scenario) they will leave and so will we.

#6 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

I am curious about Voldo's codpiece. How does it stay on? Wouldn't it still hurt if he got kicked in the nuts? How does a blind man find such a weird wradrobe piece?

#7 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

You sir are a hero. That is all.

#8 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

Fear Gauntlet! Welcome back my main time waster! I enjoy this series so much.

#9 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

@Bribo: You mean all of them?

I must say I'm a fan to Destiny's Child "Say My Name." Does that count? Otherwise I like most of her songs. I give her mad props as a classically trained singer and respect her for her unbelievable live shows.

#10 Posted by Hobosunday (41 posts) -

Aw man! I would get that on Steam though! The water tower is cute in a creepy sort of way. You think Commander Video is going to be able to do a cartwheel? That would be sweet!

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