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Doof Warrior trained for 6 weeks to be able to play guitar while the Doof machine was moving. Also the Doof machine actually worked.

Also I I vote for "MEDIOCRE!"

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D'oh. Any way to roll back patch state on PS4? Would love to give this a shot. Thinking I could probably just delete and redownload the game

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Don't forget Carl Weathers

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Here is the rule with his movies:

If the title can be used to form a sentence stating: "Steve Seagal is <insert title here>" you are golden and should watch for cheesy action goodness. If not, stay far away.

For example:

  • Steven Seagal is Hard to Kill
  • Steven Seagal is Under Siege
  • Steven Seagal is Out for Justice
  • Steven Seagal is Marked for Death
  • Steven Seagal is Above the Law
  • Steven Seagal is On Deadly Ground (great villainous turn for Michael Caine and his dye job in this one)
  • Steven Seagal is The Glimmer Man

And, when a sentence just doesn't work, neither does the movie

  • Steven Seagal is Executive Decision (nope)
  • Steven Seagal is Today You Die (double-nope)
  • Steven Seagal is Flight of Fury (nopers)
  • Steven Seagal is Under Siege 2 (doesn't work)
  • Steven Seagal is Pistol Whipped (hmmm....)

Edit: the one exception to the rule is Machete. Because it's Machete.

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OK, crews are shaping up, weekend is here - let's do this! Woo!

Also no Waingros please ;)

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@captain_felafel: If only you could have predicted your future distaste in your username (sorry, couldn't resist ;))

I'm down on PS4 if anyone wants to add me, PSN same as username.

Is there an active crew anymore? I've been using http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/giantbombsquad simply because someone did a very nice job with the Giantbomb crew logo :)

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@driveuplife: But Vader has people skills. He is good at dealing with people.

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Yeah, and I am the original Saints Row superfan, too - played all the previous games and every bit of DLC. I am steeped in lore! (Remember when David Carradine was a Saint's Row villian?). This DlC just felt empty. Maybe it was the (admittedly) cheap non-cutscenes?

I wonder if it had just been a few missions like the Xmas DLC it might have had more impact.

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What if Jeff isn't actually his manager, and "My Client Dr Tracksuit" is just his full name? Like "Maiklyent Doktor Trakksoot" - maybe he is Eastern European, or Dutch?

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Whatever happened to Cool Baby? Did he/she become a Cool Toddler and wander off, or are we in the midst of a decade long copyright battle for Cool baby Rights? I don't remember seeing him/her on the new set, though maybe I am unobservant.