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I am not usually one for sharing personal info online, but thinking about Ryan a lot lately (for more than one reason) I felt like I should talk about this.

A couple weeks ago I took a small tumble on the street. Well, okay, face plant. I landed on my hand and immediately knew I had bent some fingers in a manner contrary to my owner's manual. So, a friend graciously drove me to the emergency room.

Once there, standard procedure is to take a patients vitals. My blood pressure clocked in at 270 over 160. If you are not familiar with blood pressure measurements, that is basically the Superman 64 of blood pressures. One a scale of One to The Postman, that is Battlefield Earth.

Long story short, modern medicine is great, I am medicated, normalized, and less terrified than I was 2 weeks ago. On July 3rd I go in for a Sleep Apnea test (the timing of which is not lost on me), and I am going to start living my life differently.

This week, a lot of people are going to be posting videos, gifs, and anecdotes celebrating what Ryan meant to them, and that's great. But I have an additional suggestion: if you've been putting off seeing your doctor, go to them. If you've been putting on some weight, resolve to take it off. Ryan was taken from us all far too soon; but, realize that you are a Ryan to more people in your life than you'll ever know. Please make an effort to stick around as long as possible.

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Alien Resurrection (if only as prototype-Firefly)

Death Race 2000

Flash freakin' Gordon

Little movie called ZARDOZ

More Connery: Outland, possibly Highlander too

Spawn (purely for Leguizamo)

Ice Pirates (chomp)

Was gonna say They Live, but that movie is basically perfect...

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Come to Canada! We have gambling and strippers, your money goes further, the drinking age is lower, and (practically) no random racial slurs from passing motorists! Montreal >>> Vegas :D

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Request sent. PSN hobozero

I will have this cast off my hand by Beta or i will cut it off Black Hawk Down-style...

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@capum15: Oh man that chat is beyond bad. Had the same reaction :) Although, maybe I am overly sensitive; it's been bugging me in the Goemon run how the player keeps calling every single female NPC a "chick".

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Dave Lang is a life-size model of what a real Dave Lang might look like

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Carbine rep is saying DDoS on the login servers. Once again the Internet ruins everything :)

And Good morning, duders (why am I uuuupppppp....)

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@jfried12: Sadly yes :( and launch is 4am my time

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Ditto :( Halted me at the end of tutorial, then received the notice that it was 43% installed. Quick estimate shows it's gonna be another 15-17 hours at this rate, and I have 70mb fibre :( If you go back to the dashboard, highlight Watch Dogs and hit Option > Information you'll get the exact download progress, depressing though it may be.

The issue appears to be getting some press now. Hopefully something is actually broken somewhere, and this isn't the norm going forward for AAA launches.

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I always thought the game, the third act in particular, was a fantasy allegory for Israeli/Palestinian relations. I used to have this theory all worked out, but I am work right now and typing quickly, so apologies in advance for this being shoddy:

You have theocratic organisation controlling a relatively small land mass. You have a population of people walled in to specific areas and denied certain rights, specifically free travel. These people are feared by the general populace for the violent actions of a few of their number. Those violent actions are in many cases fuelled by their perceived mistreatment by the theocratic organisation. These acts cause more retribution and restrictions, which in turn fuel more violent acts, creating a cycle of violence and retribution.

You have a large foreign power with investment in the area, sharing religious dogma with the theocratic organization, telling them to sort shit out before they get pulled into an armed conflict. Then a member of the same "religion" (mage) as the "oppressed" population starts an international war with the foreign power by collapsing a large tower.

Basically in act 3 one of your party members is Osama bin Laden.