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Due to camera Nazi didn't get to much will post after work. First raw ever freaking awesome. Did the Del Rio match come off awkward on TV the crowd kind of checked out compared to the rest.

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if anyone knows what the music from the Screen Test video (how to build a bomb), Id love to hear it.

Not sure what you're talking about, but back in the day they used at least one or two Midnight Brown tracks in the background of their videos.

Like the instrumental track to this song on their video reviews and I Love Mondays (I think those videos had this).

No, it's not Midnight Brown (and if it is, I can't find it on the albums). I'm talking about the song from this video:

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EDIT: Not the intro, the video itself.

please please please

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Really dreading going to raw now :(. Still got a few weeks come on wwe turn it back around.

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Sami Zayn pro skater

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Going to the Raw in montreal in july. First one :)

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@dazzhardy: Preshow starts at 7:30 EST, Full thing is at 8, expected to run 2 hours and then a post show. Paul Heyman and Renee Young are hosting the Pre and Post though so you may want to watch those.

More Takeover Hyping, Zayn's new theme. It's pretty great, though you can tell they are REALLY trying to stop Ole.

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I love it also is he going to run a sonic stage?

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somehow I dont think this would work at the airport.

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Sure why not?