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@Vitor said:
@theplatypus said:
I've seen worse here.
If that’s really so, I’m surprised you’re coherent enough to even talk about such things...
Well there was this fan fiction topic and ....I've said to much.
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@100_Hertz said:

Well, since they most certainly recorded it today, I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't go up till like midnight.  Cuz, ya know, slapping intro and outro music on a podcast is so time consuming.  

Dude I can't tell if your being a sarcastic ass or not. I'm going to assume since its the internet you are and point out edits are made. These edits may be but not limited to incoherent rants, spoilers or accidental embargo breaches and dead air. 
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@CitizenKane: Wow way to put  in the extra effort. To bad this will be ignored and you will have to point to it before every lock.Still great guide and keep up the work.
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Aw yeah more  Kessler Kam.

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Yeah they are pretty awesome.

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Its really good game to just play in spurts. So when my minds not into it blops is an easy pick up and play.

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@PsEG: no I think your aloud to be a dick ala Mr.Davis just don't be an ass?
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