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No but I had my moments when I was younger. At the end of the day I want to be a good person because I want too. Not because I think I have too. That being said people can do what they want and it erks me when people go out of the way to bash people who enjoy going to church ect.

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Very mild cp here. I've gotten better with age can usually do the button mashing myself against AI(except god of war 1 fuck that game sometimes). Friends on the other hand meh. Its funny I use to avoid beam ties in dbz games on purpose against my friends. In WWE games I just accept the loss and get ready to reverse the incoming move. The one game that I really feel I get held back on is rockband/guitar hero I cant do anything with a orange button in it. Also its hard to use my foot to pedal quickly enough for long periods of times on the drums.

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HHH needs to win it all with a drunk lemmy playing king of kings. Even if its only for the night.

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I think what I miss are just random videos of the office. Just checking out what everybody's doing.


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im in it but got no stream powers

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T N A ?

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As a kid a great movie. As an adult its alright.

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HD collection I guess.

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I'm in.