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Systems Owned: Nes,Snes,GB GBC,N64,Gamecube

Favourite Console: N64(close one to the Snes)

Favourite exclusive: Can't pick just one (Golden eye ,Donkey Kong Country 2, Pokemon both Stadium and the RPGS)

Just make a no gimmicks console please nintendo please..

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Socom 2 I want to go back :(

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So NXT chat? Also I think the tread is starting to break..

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I'm enjoying game just like I enjoyed cod 4/mw2. It has been so long since a fps has hooked me so hard.

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@hunter5024 said:

@hailinel said:

@hunter5024 said:

@hailinel: What do you get from her expression?

Confidence, a little cockiness? They certainly don't say "fuck me" to me.

Look at her left eyelid. Look at it and tell me I'm wrong.

uhhh... I'm all for criticizing how bad these are, but... I think you're just seeing things.

Like a guy will look at a confident woman and go, "Woah, looks like she wants to get some! Aw yeah!"

I'd say she's the least bad thing in that picture, and I definitely don't think they're intending to make her look like she wants to have sex with you.

I think I need to print this out.

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@camosid said:

One time. I bought Resident Evil 6.

The start of Leon campaign had so much promise.

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Raw was weird. I hope Cody is alright for mania.

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Best Theme Ever, No Idea why but this is one theme song I would love to play when I enter a room.( I wish I was joking)

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I would of prefer HHH came out at 30 and won it.

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Sort of. Can't watch any of it but all the dark souls hype is making me get back into myself. However then I can't play the games I usually do with friends.