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The game looks gorgeous and it makes me feel a little better knowing that Nomura is working on it  but I’m still cautious because it’s still Square Enix and I'm not really feeling the vehicle stuff.

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I think that 10 days is enough time for someone who helped hack the PS3 get rid of whatever evidence he wants. I would have really liked to see what kind of neat homebrew things that would have come from hacking the PS3 though. But I think it’s probably for the best Sony puts a stop to this because unlike me most people would have used this strictly for pirating games and exploiting the trophy system.

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 The last one. All the others just remind me of a bottle of NOS or the Florida Gators.

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Play the game at day or with all the lights on, make sure the volume isn’t too loud or maybe even off entirely, and just be cautious of everything. Expect every necromorph on the ground is going to get up and expect there to be one around every corner so when it happenes you can say “Ha! I knew that was going to happen”.