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#1 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

I'm going back and forth a lot on the Shield stuff, because I have a bad feeling this is where WWE shits the bed with them and does something stupid like only giving Rollins and Reigns titles, leaving Ambrose as an odd man out to leave the group. I really hope that doesn't happen, though. Anyway, picks!

The Miz vs Cody Rhodes - Singles Match

Winner: The Miz

Method of victory: Submission

Chris Jericho vs Fandango - Singles Match

Winner: Fandango

Method of victory: DQ

Randy Orton vs Big Show - Extreme Rules Match:

Winner: Randy Orton

Method of victory: Pin

Sheamus vs Mark Henry - Strap Match

Winner: Sheamus

Order of corners touched: Front Right, Front Left, Back Left, Back Right

WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs The Shield (Rollins and Reigns) - Tag Team Tornado Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Winner: The Shield

Method of victory: Pin

Person who takes the win: Seth Rollins

Person who takes the loss: Daniel Bryan

United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs Dean Ambrose - Singles Match for the United States Championship

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Method of victory: Pin

Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - World Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender's I Quit Match

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Triple H vs Brock Lesnar - Steel Cage Match

Winner: Triple H

Method of victory: Escape (then comes back with a chair to beat up Lesnar+Heyman some more)

WWE Champion John Cena vs Ryback - Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

Winner: Super Cena

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@turboman: I bought that Foley set too, but I've only watched the documentary so far. There's nothing in it that anyone who's read his books or followed his career wouldn't already know, but at a bit over two hours, it's a good primer for those who don't know much about him (like me). The kind of weird thing, though, is that the matches that seemed to be the most hyped in the doc aren't in the set itself. They're probably available elsewhere, but I thought that was a little disappointing.

#3 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

Man, there ain't no comedown like the 2nd RAW after Wrestlemania.

#4 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

I eventually bailed out of the game due to boredom and irritation with my available choices, while someone suffering from depression doesn't have that option with their illness. I guess what I'm saying is this seems like an effective look at depression to me. If you're suffering, please ask for help!

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That was a fantastic episode of RAW. It's crazy how much a good (amazing, in this case) crowd can make the show so much more entertaining. Man, the explosive pop when Ziggler's music hit. But hey, I jumped up from my couch, so yeah. I love wrestling.

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Woah, haven't posted here in forever, but what better time to come back than for WrestleMania picks? 550 points to work with...

  • Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett vs The Miz - Singles Match for the Intercontinental Championship (0 points on Miz) - At this point, I don't know what they're doing with either of these guys. I heard Miz was getting pushed because of his movie, but that's over now, and they're making Barrett look too weak to hold a title.

  • Tons of Funk and The Funkadactyls vs Team Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins - Eight Person Mixed Tag Team Match (25 points on Tons of Funk) - I'm guessing this will be a "feel good" match for the PG crowd, and one of the Funkadactyls will pin a Bella.

  • Chris Jericho vs Fandango - Singles Match (50 points on Fandango) - And I hope it takes him 10 minutes to dance his way to the ring too.

  • WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston - Tag Team Match for the WWE Tag Team Championship (50 points on ZigE) - I like Hell No, but they've gotta be just about done with it, right?

  • Ryback vs Mark Henry - Singles Match (50 points on Ryback) - I'd prefer Henry killing Ryback, but they need to make Ryback look strong again, so here ya go.

  • Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show vs The Shield - Six Man Tag Team Match (100 points on The Shield) - I've learned my lesson after Elimination Chamber: BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!

  • World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger - Singles Match for the World Heavyweight Championship (50 points on Del Rio) - A totally competent feud that I think will end with a clean face win.

  • Triple H vs Brock Lesnar - No Holds Barred Match; If Lesnar Wins, Triple H Must Retire (25 points on Lesnar) - I don't understand a retirement match for a guy who hasn't wrestled since Summerslam, but I'm pretty sure the COO of the company can find a way to come out of retirement if he wants.

  • The Undertaker vs CM Punk - Singles Match (100 points on Undertaker) - I know that Undertaker will win, but what if? WHAT IF?

  • WWE Champion The Rock vs John Cena - Singles Match for the WWE Championship (100 points on Cena) - It would just be stupid for Cena to lose again. Well, it was stupid last time, too, so who knows?
#7 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

Speaking of Batman references, I was sad Brad Maddox didn't break out the Bane voice this week.

With his new nickname of "A Real American", I was hoping they'd actually use "Real American" (or probably a remix with different lyrics) for Jack Swagger's theme, if only to draw some enormous heat.

#8 Edited by Hogshead (47 posts) -

Let's see if I can lose all 200 points the first time out.

  • Fat Dancing Men vs. Rhodes Scholars - 10 points on Brodus and Tensai
  • Kaitlyn vs. Tamina Snuka - 10 points on Kaitlyn
  • Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz - 50 points on Cesaro
  • Face Del Rio vs. The Big Show - 30 points on Del Rio (a-ha! Is this Ziggler's chance?!)
  • Super Cena and Friends vs. The Shield - I believe in the Shield, but yeah - 50 points on Super Cena and Friends
  • CM Punk vs. The Rock - It pains me to do this, but - 50 points on the Rock

Elimination Chamber Match to face World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania - I have no idea what I'm doing.

Order of EliminationSuperstarEnteredEliminated ByMethod of Elimination
#1Jack Swagger#1Daniel BryanSubmission
#2Kane#2Mark HenryPin
#3Daniel Bryan#3Chris JerichoSubmission
#4Chris Jericho#5Randy OrtonPin
#5Randy Orton#6Mark HenryPin
WinnerMark Henry#4N/AN/A
#9 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

@DrX25: Ah, thanks for the clarification. Granted, sometimes the 90-minute version is superior (got to miss Tensai in drag and the Divas debacle from a couple weeks ago).

#10 Posted by Hogshead (47 posts) -

I watched the Hulu-fied version of RAW tonight, and I gotta say, I could watch Bork kill the Miz every week. That Jericho/Punk match was awesome too. I wonder if Jericho will be around long enough to have a reversed rivalry from last year with Punk as heel and Jericho as face. Speaking of Hulu, does anyone know why their version of RAW is cut down to 90 minutes, but the other shows are left alone? Like, is it a Hulu thing or WWE just being dicks?

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