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Does anyone have a high-powered sorcerer on with high boldide on the Xbox platform? If so, please advise of your pawns name or your user ID. Thanks

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Thans guys... This was helpful. :-)

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Sorry if this has been asked before. I am rerolling a mage/sorcerer. Most of the in game weapons seem to be superior to the ones that I purchased. Am I missing something?

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Noob question. Where is this Ur boss? Is it only available NG+? I killed the dragon and am currently workin on Everfall dungeons.

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Playred mostly as a Ranger and Assassin, but the game started to get waaaay too easy. :-( -- Came across a YouTube video of Magikal Archer and decided to give it a go. Wow, what a fun class! It doesn't give me the damage output (so far) as the two aforementioned classes, which is exactly what I want. I even traded in my hard leather gear for some squishy cloth to make me more vulnerable. On top of all that, I changed my main pawn to a Ranger and ditched my Mage..... So no Heals (other than a limited supply of food) debuffs, or tank.... My first attempt at killing a Drake was a failure (I was too reckless), but the second was epic!!! I was down to CRITICAL health, where I could barely see anything, no health potions left.... and I won! I love it when you've got to rely on timing, positioning, and execution. It's makes the game much more challenging

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Is there any other way to get out of jail without bribing the guard?

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My current group seems a bit too overpowered. I'm rolling a 37 Ranger with a 37 fighter as my main pawn and a Mage and Sorcerer, both at level 42.. The AOEs of the sorcerer pretty much handle any large threat and he enchants our weapons with ice on occasion. The Mage takes care of the heals, enchants our weapons with holy light and fire. Lastly my pawn is an excellent tank. I can actually sit back and let them do all the fighting.... Looking to make this more challenging making the group a bit unbalanced with some weaknesses. Definitely sacking the OP sorcerer, getting rid of the tank, and perhaps rolling with just three peeps... An assasin, a strider, and a Mage.

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How disappointing... :-(

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What Pawn have you currently used that has really worked well for you? I'm using "John Carter" who is a Sorcerer... This dude rocks!

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Has anyone experimented with a Mystic Knight? I was thinking of switching my main pawn to that class. Just not sure ifstylus class is well suited for a main tank.... Perhaps an off tank?. So Ranger, Mystik Knight, Sorcerer, and healing Mage? I'd have the MK attuned to handle the holy spells and the Mage and sorcerer to handle the elementals. I need to read up on the MK abilities.

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