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It's amazing how well Q and A sessions can work when the questioner isn't trying to be funny or drop a sweet inside joke.

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Dark Souls 2.

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Well, I never really got into the competitive multiplayer for any of them, but as a fan of the single player stuff, I like Modern Warfare 2 the best. And a friend and I had a blast doing the Spec Ops mode.

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Just wanted to post how much I appreciate this.

Huge props to you @jennibelle.

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Ooooooh fuuuuuuuck!

Amy Henning on a Star Wars project?!!?!

Ok, I'm excited.

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MGS3 is the only MGS game that I've only played through a single time. Not sure why. I guess I just never felt like I got a grasp on the stealth. That song is seriously amazing though.

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Poor Patrick spent all that time on the Occulus write-up and Vinny manages to sum up the whole thing in 4 panels.

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I played a bit of the 3ds demo.

Definitely a bit weireded out by the things you mentioned, especially the classmating scenes. Still might pick it up just because it's so fucking strange and I want to support strange ass shit.

The 3ds version felt pretty choppy in the dungeons and the frame rate took a noticeable hit in there. Vita version might be the way to go.

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Crockulus Shit