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Great news! Congrats to Jason and Lisa!

Please never let Dan anywhere near the child.

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I want to cut an alien with a sword.

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Good. That stupid game is just as pornographic as weird sex games and that's how it deserves to be treated.

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My dislike for beards in real life is counter to my like of beards in video games.

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Biggest hopes:

-Persona 5 NA release date. Further hope, that it's in 2015.

-Rock Band 4 release date.

-Fallout 4 announced.

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Following, because I can do it at work/during commute.

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Giant Bomb belongs in a basement. Back to its roots!

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I've never been more embarrassed to be a MGS fan then when I saw that Quiet figure stuff. It's the kind of thing you'd expect from a 20-something YouTuber trying to be edgy. Not a grown-ass man.

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I'd say Vesperia, if only because the main protag kind of acts as a counter to the traditional anime hero (also he's basically Anime Batman). The rest of the cast is pretty cool, too. The story is more or less "we gotta stop anime global warming", and is kind of interesting if just because of the themes.

Yeah, Yuri is great. Vesperia even managed to have a little kid character that didn't suck.