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Can't blame her. Horrible time to be a woman in this piss-shit industry. I hate games.

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I thought Dead Snow was a really fun movie. Seems like the 2nd one is worth a peek too.

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The ASOIAF books read like a history text book to me. Not a criticism, just an observation. I really dig those books. After I finished them, I found that I had quite an interest in history as well.

I know it's been recommended by the staff several times, but Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast is stellar stuff.

Some of the best series have become premium stuff now, but I very much recommend the Genghis Khan series (Wrath of the Khans), and the WW2 Germany vs Russia series (Ghosts of the Ostfront), and the Julius Ceaser stuff in the Roman series is straight up GoT shit.

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I've been an inconsolable toddler already. I don't need to play a video game about it.

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This is the product of some angry 20-somethings with no artistic talent. This is valueless garbage.

I will say to the devs, congrats on making a character more whiny than any JRPG protagonist.

Seriously. Grow the fuck up.

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Depends on the game, I guess. The more cinematic it is, the more I like 30FPS. The more gameplay driven, 60FPS. I find 60FPS in the Last of Us to be really jarring.

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I know it's nerdy as hell, but it's so dumb that Big Boss's voice changes from Hayater's at the end of Peacewalker to Kiefer's for Ground Zeroes--which takes place not long after Peacewalker.

Casting Kiefer to make Big Boss sound older, fine. Phantom Pain is 10 years after Ground Zeroes. Believable. Weeks later? Nah, dawg.

I'm fully willing to accept that I'm just biased toward Hayater, but I couldn't get into Kiefer's voice at all in Ground Zeroes. And I'll take a voice actor doing voice work over a screen actor doing voice work any day.

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I think "games holding up" completely depends on your age and nostalgia.

I had a Genesis as a kid, so going back to play the SNES stuff that I missed hasn't been a great experience. Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger are the only two of the SNES classics that I found to be good--or maybe even great. Link to the Past is my least favorite Zelda, FF4 is my least favorite FF.

Probably would have been revolutionary experiences had I played them when I was younger. But, ya know, Sonic had that 'tude that was irresistible to an awkward 90's kid.

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@thunderslash: I guess. It means that I don't ever have to click on their reviews because I already know what it's going to say before I do, so I don't have to read their terrible reviews. I guess that is a plus when I think about it. Same thing with a lot of Kotaku articles as well.

Same with GB reviews. Never a surprise if you know the reviewer's taste and tendencies. Just goes to show how useless reviews are. No one has your taste in games.

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I love uncooked ramen with the flavor packet sprinkled in.

All cheesy eighties music is the bomb. Tiffany, Scandal, etc.

-Smash up that uncooked Ramen and sprinkle it on some chilli or mac and cheese.

-I listen to some Madonna, Taylor Dayne, or Amy Grant songs at least once every two weeks.