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@LunarJetman: Calm down, dude, there's no need for insults. For the record, I read the whole thing and still don't think much of it, but I'm especially unlikely to value someone's opinion if their opening sentence includes a snide remark questioning the motives of whoever they're disagreeing with.

It's more of an educated observation than a snide remark. The most important part is that TB's piece points out factual inaccuracies. That's sadly something we don't see much of in the gaming media.

I also don't think that TotalBiscuit has anything to worry about. He has been one of the most reasonable and the most intelligent voices in this whole mess. Plus, he's huge. He can't just be trampled like others.

He also shilled for a game he had a hand in as soon as Steam curation became a thing. Good thing he's a totally trustworthy source when it comes to commenting on corruption in games coverage.

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I've got a vita and a 3DS Xl and I've played my vita a hell of a lot more. Vita > larger screens.

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Yeah, I was a little confused for what they were going for in Gundam's case too. Hajime kept going on about how he sacrificed himself so they didn't starve to death, but if he was going for that, why didn't he straight up admit it? (Suppose it wouldn't be much of a game if he did...).

Don't you remember Gundham's entire speech before his execution? His conviction was to not give up on living. If he were to out himself as the murderer, that would be a contradiction to his values.

Sorry, explained it poorly, I totally get why Gundham didn't out himself, was just irked by the way Hajime interpreted it, since I'm playing from his point of view. (I could be remembering it wrongly though!)

Yeah, Hajime wanted to make it this altruistic thing, but it wasn't. However, Gundham was going to die either way--either by starving or by being found out. The path he chose was kind of a win-win because if he'd gotten away with it, he wins, and if he doesn't he saves everyone. His choice of victim is pretty interesting too. I wonder if perhaps he didn't see Mechamaru as a perversion of life--considering his status as the ultimate breeder. Interesting stuff to think about.

It's also interesting to think about what this game has to say about redemption. All of the characters--free of Junko and without any memory of her--mostly get along just fine. Add her/Monokuma into the mix and some revert, but some stay steadfast. Add their memories into the mix and they still stand resolute against her.

Kind of makes you wonder if it wasn't their environment that made them turn to Junko in the first place.

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Johnny Young Bosch again -.-

Dude is in EVERYTHING. And he's good, it's just that his voice--or maybe diction--is so distinct.

Ah well, I forgot that it was him after a few hours of Danganronpa 2, maybe that will happen again here.

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I liked the way they changed up the twist for the second game. In Danganronpa 1 the characters were all kind of jerks, killing people for their own selfish reasons. The twist being they were all friends and were tricked into being terrible people. While in DR2 I felt most of the killers were portrayed as more sympathetic with the twist being they were tricked into forgetting what terrible people they were.

I agree, but remember that in 2, the killers are perfectly willing to let everyone else die by not just admitting to their crime right away. So they aren't entirely sympathetic, save maybe for in case 5.

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For as goofy as the ending was in 2, it felt more earned than the ending in 1.

The cast wasn't as endearing to me as the one in the first game, but overall, I liked it better.

For as much as the game spells everything out, I was kind of expecting them to spell out the significance of the motivations in trials 2 and 3 in relation to the larger plot. But I was kind of relieved that they didn't. It was fun to puzzle out later. Especially for trial 2 when you realize that when his sister was murdered, Fuyuhiko probably didn't care at all.

Case 5 really blew me away. Favorite in the series.

Was so great to see a few faces from the first game back in chapter 6.

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When the pets reach adulthood they give you a new skill, a present, and a few hundred monocoins.

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A 75% off Steam Sale is the correct price for those 3 games.

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Listen to what they have to say as long as it's not hyperboic--which is kind of the norm these days.

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Couldn't care less.

I like Minecraft in theory, but have never had any interest in playing it.

I'm not sure what Microsoft hopes to get out of this. Minecraft is already on every platform ever. Are they going to make Minecraft 2 or something?

Eh, oh well, don't care.

It would be nice if this helps Microsoft sell some more Xbones, though. I don't think it would be good for anyone if the PS4 just continues to dominate. Even though I'm not interested in the Xbone, I hope they catch up.