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Wasn't Uwe Boll trying to do this too?

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@flstyle said:

With all due respect, I'll bookmark this and read it at some point towards the end of the month, but not right now.

It's a week before E3 I'm pretty excited and looking forward to what's coming up from the conferences and the Giant Bomb after shows etc., and a critique and culture and debate based article is not what I'm looking for right now.

Really needed to let everyone know about this, huh?

Doesn't come across as passive-aggressive at all.

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I tried to watch but was instantly annoyed by the hosts.

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I would love if, say, Vesperia would see a remastered PS4 version or something with all its PS3 port additions. Wanted to play that version for so long now. I guess that fan-patch is out now, but ehhhh, that would require more rejiggering with my PS3 than I'm comfortable with.

That would be fantastic.

I suppose we'll be seeing Star Ocean at the Sony press conference.

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My gut says PC but my outdated rig says Ps4.

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People bought it just to make a political statement. The highest-rated reviews on Steam haven't even played the game for an hour. Good job getting duped into a crappy game, dumb-dumbs.

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Great news! Congrats to Jason and Lisa!

Please never let Dan anywhere near the child.

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I want to cut an alien with a sword.

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Good. That stupid game is just as pornographic as weird sex games and that's how it deserves to be treated.

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My dislike for beards in real life is counter to my like of beards in video games.