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Weak year for games. My top 3 are handhelds.

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That weird Twin Peaks incantation from the third episode. I find it very aurally appealing:

Through the darkness of future's past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds... "Fire... walk with me." We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is... like it sounds. I too have been touched by the devilish one. Tattoo on the left shoulder... Oh, but when I saw the face of God, I was changed. I took the entire arm off.

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The older I get, the only unhealthy food that even tastes good to me anymore is pizza.

I just can't get enough pizza. Even shitty pizza is the best pizza.

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I can't think of many UPFs where there's not at least one great segment. Patrick's send-off UPF was pretty fantastic, especially the Jurassic Park fighting game. I watched the Tomadachi Life one an unhealthy amount of times. Love me some Gigu.

The older stuff tends to be a little better because of Vinny and Ryan. Oh look, I just made myself sad.

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Jim is great. I feel like he's one of the few people writing/talking about games who is really willing to give anything a shot. Happy for him that his pateron is going so well.

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Man. No Toys 'R Us in my city or I'd be all over that Wii U for 200.

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He's still not played much of the game yet so I think he's doing fine (even if he seems scared to experiment/explore/get comfortable when he plays games- it's kind of strange but probably because he only plays an hour at a time every several days).

I do wish he would have the character do pull ups to upgrade his grip, but I guess it's fine. Some of the later stuff is going to be harder if he doesn't, though. *shrug*

Is it? I've played through the game around 10 times over the years and I never did one pull up until there was a trophy for doing them.

Drew's doing fine. I think a lot of Metal Gear games really shine on 2nd or 3rd playthroughs when you can pay more attention to the convoluted plots and feel more freedom to explore.

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I played the shit out of Goldeneye. Unlocked everything that you possibly could. Beat every mission on the hardest difficulty with those fucking insane time objectives.

I don't look back at it fondly. It was a game I played because I couldn't buy my own games. My lasting impression of the game is that I didn't really like it.

Playing multiplayer with friends might have made all of the difference, though. Halo Lan parties are still my most treasured of experiences when it comes to multiplayer. But competitve multiplayer has gone online for the most part now, and I've just got no interest in playing with shit-talking randos.

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That tweet by PetiteMistress is pretty dead on. I've still yet to play a western RPG where I give a shit about the characters or story or world. Might have something to do with the presentation being so god awful. Or PLAYER CHOICE being tantamount.

I like western RPGs because of the focus on player choice, but I don't think it's possible to make that kind of game with an engaging story or non-interchangeable characters.

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Well, I couldn't even bring myself to finish Halo 4, but that was more due to the gameplay and horrible AI than the writing. Mass Effect's story was never good. But the characters were phenomenal.