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I liked the Joystiq podcast for a while. Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzman and good ole' Justin McElroy. I stopped listening when I realized that I really really like Justin but I didn't like hearing him talk about games. MBMBAM is my preferred McElroy delivery method.

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These lists make me feel better than the top 10.

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I was under the impression that no one actually likes tank controls - except for people with ultra heavy-duty nostalgia goggles.

You might be right. I never had a problem with them. I tried playing Code Veronica again recently, after having not played a tank controls RE in well over ten years and I was like...how the fuck did I ever like this? But after an hour or so I felt right at home with them.

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That's cool as fuck.

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No real interest in the console yet, but I'm glad they are being competitive.

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I adore Hotline Miami, but it's attempt at story is laughable.

Rape is a serious thing and if the first game is any indication, it's a subject this team isn't equipped to deal with.

It's unnecessary, and there's no way that they are going to narratively earn it being included.

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I usually got 90% on a floor and just used play coins to open the chests.

The 100% chest on the final floor of the final dungeon is Light Wave--a severe bash attack skill card, which I was able to do insane damage with on the final boss with Chie 1,300-1,700 at level 60ish.

Inaba Pride Exhibit was a really annoying dungeon. The next one isn't so bad.

The story is about to get really heavy though. Enjoy it.

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In all likelihood, he is still working on it.

This is exactly the case. The Frog Fractions dude regularly guests on a podcast called Video Games Hot Dog. Most recent episode he basically says that he's going to be working on it really hard this year. He's very hush hush about anything directly relating to the game's content, but not the fact that it's still in development.

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Steelseries for PC, the Sony Gold set for console.