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Survival Horror, FPS, Puzzle, MMORPGs


When I was a wee lil' girl, I loved playing arcade games like Donkey Kong and Pac Man, and of course pinball machines. My mother bought me a NES that came with the Mario Bros./Duck Hunt game and it officially sucked me into video games. Growing up I mostly played on the Nintendo system, playing games like the Mario Bros. series, Yo Noid!, Paperboy, Rampage, The Black Bass, etc. My mother also got me one of those old school brick Game Boys that I took with me everywhere and was upgraded every time a new Game Boy system came out (save for SP).

At some point my mother got me a Sega Genesis and I enjoyed playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I don't really remember playing many other Sega games than that, though I'm positive I did. SNES followed suit with more games to enjoy. New Mario games, Super Godzilla, lots of games based off cartoons I was watching and movies.. just lots of great stuff. I also started getting into fighting games, like Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct and the like. I stuck with Nintendo all the way, becoming a fangirl of the console and characters. Sometime between me getting my next console, I started to play a lot of point and click PC games, and also some of my first shooters: Duke Nukem and Doom. Fun times.

N64 was next and it was a great console. I consider it to be what really pulled me in to FPS games with the release of Goldeneye. I even liked Perfect Dark a great deal. Of course I enjoyed all the other games the console spat out, from Mario 64, LoZ: Ocarina of Time (yes I also love Majora's Mask), Clay Fighters - the list goes on and on.

Sometime during this time.. I am not exactly positive when, I ended up finally being convinced I needed a Playstation. This happened when I played my first 'mature' game, Resident Evil 2. I had watched a friend play it at a friend's house some and was too afraid to play it myself. Finally I convinced my mom to buy me the console, and had to be sneaky to get RE:2, as she didn't want me having it for various reasons. I won't forget me not having a memory card and playing through RE:2 and actually beating it, but how extremely hard that was and the number of times I got scared. This marked a big change in my life that has now carried out ever since I was so young: my love for the Horror genre (games/movies/books). The Playstation also got me into many other cartoon character driven games that I already enjoyed, such as Crash Bandicoot and Gex the Gecko. Gex was far better than Crash and you know it. Anyways.. I also got into puzzle games with it, my favorite on the console having been Intelligence Qube. In my honest opinion, the Playstation was a life-changing console for me.

Eventually PS2 came out, Gamecube, and Dreamcast. I owned all three at one point, but I have since gotten rid of my Gamecube and my Dreamcast (big mistake). As new technology has come out, its been a lot harder to keep up unless you have a lot of money, and I've grown up myself so I can't always go asking mom to buy them for me. I skipped the Xbox period, however I now own a Xbox 360 for no other purpose other than a few games I wanted on it. Thankfully Xbox LIVE has kept me attached to it as I enjoy playing online with people. I have a Wii.. I dislike it greatly and as a matter of fact am planning to sell it or turn it into some exercise machine. I own a DS lite, and I love the DS. Nintendo has put a struggle on my heart with the Wii as I do find it to be a horrible console with horrible games on it, too many infact by third party producers. However, the DS is horribly enjoyable, even the crappy third party games can be fun with stylus controls. I am not sure if I will ever get a PS3, or when.. I probably will but not any time soon as I have no need for a blu ray DVD player, and there haven't been enough games out yet exclusively for it for me to want it... also the lack of BC on new systems really pisses me off. I also play on my computer of course, most games I now prefer on it as there are more options, sadly the graphical upgrades to games I already own with each expansion are sometimes stressful (on my pocket).