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 - to help teach me the advanced ropes of this game.  
I've been playing it for quite some time and I've tried wrapping my head around some of the item leveling and character leveling guides that go beyond simply playing through each chapter only to find myself having that 'deja-vu' feeling of sitting in Chemistry class.
Not only that I'd love to simply have some people to chat with about this game, as it seems the very few friends I have that have played this game really haven't delved too far into it.
So yeah, if you are up for the task of helping me out, send me a PM and we can swap contacts. :)

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I found out hardly anyone plays this game anymore apparently because I can never join a game. If anyone does like this game and would like to add me, my gamertag is Hollthulhu and I'd be more than happy to play.

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@SuperMooseman: Thanks a bunch!
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Does every game have its own forum board? If so why can't I seem to find some of them.. and if not, where would one generally go to talk about a specific game. I see some games have their own forums.

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I extremely rare ever meet anyone who has played the Deception series games, especially the first: Tecmo's Deception. Fantastic games.

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When I think of a "Xbox Portable" all that comes to mind is a Sega Game Gear.

No, I wouldn't buy one.