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@whitegreyblack: yes you can shoot your way through scenarios but if you go to arrest someone and mess it up, the animations from arresting someone to pulling out your weapon to shoot a guy seems to take a little to long and since you die so quickly, you die before you can retaliate. Most of my deaths during the campaign were because of this I felt like

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@catsakimbo: you get battlepacks that unlock random gun camo's and emblems and stuff. No guns or anything. There is no coop. Just single player and online competitive multiplayer.

@schlorgan: it's just about as long as Battlefield 4's campaign and it feels like a Battlefield campaign is supposed to feel. Nothing crazy but as with any Battlefield game, the single player isn't the main focus.

@gaspower: I don't know. The more I play the multiplayer, the more I feel like it's missing something and I think more vehicles is that something. I was never the biggest vehicle guy in previous Battlefield games but I definitely appreciated the option. This just starts to feel like a Call of Duty style game where the emphasis is on infantry combat which isn't what I come to a Battlefield game for. It feels like a Battlefield game for sure, but I feel like they did take a step backwards with the lack of offensive vehicle options.

@fredchuckdave: I completed the majority of the single player without setting off alarms and getting into huge firefights. I was able to stealthily take out large camps of enemies which felt satisfying but it did start to get repetitive since there is only like 1 or 2 ways of stealthily taking out enemies.

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@white: I agree with everything you said. I felt the same way. I can't explain it any better than you did.

@jesus_phish: the single player is somewhat boring only because they really want you to use stealth vs going all out balls to the walls. That said, I feel like that first mission was definitely one of the weaker missions so I guess it does pick up a little bit. Nothing crazy though.

@i_stay_puft: sadly no.

@joshwent: I can confirm that you are a cop.

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@hassun: the campaign felt fine. I think the emphasis on stealth was a interesting new way to play a battlefield game. The story was pretty boiler plate and very predictable. It was about as good as other battlefield campaigns. Just an extra bonus as the focus on battlefield is the multiplayer

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@nathanxplosion: the maps are definitely smaller. The lack of jets coupled with the fact that vehicles are much less important than before has definitely led to smaller maps but that isn't a bad thing necessarily. instead there are more skyscrapers and other interior areas with multiple floors and rooms. It's like they built up instead of out.

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@beachthunder: there is a lot of clipping of enemies. I had more than 1 occasion of them floating through a closed door and I had 1 guy buried halfway through the floor so only his torso and head were exposed to hit. Other than that, it never froze on me and the frame rate never dropped which was nice

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@vextroid: some of the levels are open enough that they allow for some experimentation but I definitely felt like there was only a couple of ways to "correctly" do it without getting spotted on more than 1 occasion.

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@sarnecki: there are vehicles for sure but they are mostly for transport. The game runs smooth and I have t run into a bugs or hitches yet but it's before the game is out so who knows what will happen when everyone hits the servers hard in a couple days. There aren't any tanks or jets, they have a few trucks with mini guns on them and a few heavier armored vehicles but it definitely feels like more of an "on foot" style game. it does feel like a scaled down version of BF4 a little bit but there are still some decent sized maps albeit not as vehicle intensive

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So I just finished the "Episodes" mode of this game. I played on Veteran which is the hardest difficulty available at the start. I also got all of the collectables and story based trophies through my playthrough. I have also played a bit of the multiplayer (im like level 6 as of writing this). Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this game. I will avoid posting any story spoilers.

My personal impressions as a huge battlefield fan who has played every single battlefield game is that, the single player was decent fun. The story was fairly predictable but the new mechanic of making enemy's "freeze" and arresting them added a stealth element to a series where I usually go in guns blazing. You die extremely quickly which is my biggest complaint but other than that, I enjoyed my time with the story. I beat it in around 10 hours or so.

The multiplayer plays exactly like you would expect a current Battlefield game to play. It feels just like Battlefield 3/4. Some of the new modes like Heist and Blood Money are fun but most of my time has been spent in Conquest (cause that's what you play in a Battlefield game). I like the new progression system that allows you to buy any gun or attachment or whatever you want if you have the cash. It aliviates the problem of wanting a certain weapon but having to wait till you reach a certain level to unlock it. Instead I can find what weapon works best for me or what weapons I want the most and get those first rather than having to wait.

Overall, it's a pretry good Battlefield game that I will definitely play more of for a while