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How come there aren't any other giant bomb podcasts like Danswers or Alt F1 on iTunes? I would love to download them to my iPhone through their podcast app as that is where I have all my other podcasts including the Giant Bombcast. I am a premium member so I should be able to download them if they are available right?

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I have been attempting to perform a system transfer from my 3DS to my 3DS XL all day and I keep getting the same error message. What is going on? Is their network just fucked right now? I tried to look at their network status from their website but I keep getting an error message there as well.

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Okay so with the implementation of Nintendo ID on the 3DS, does this allow you to transfer digital versions of games between 3DS's now? Are your purchases linked to your account now rather than locked to your system?

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@marcsman: I'll just use this as leverage to get an iPad haha

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@maxxs: @mb: My wife was home with him all day. I had to stay late at work to finalize a large project before Thursday. He is not neglected at all.

@believer258: I did have them put up on a shelf. My dog just has a crazy vertical leap. He could be in the NBA.

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So I got home early this morning at 5:30am after a 20 hour work day to find both my PSVita and my 3DS chewed to shit. The vita is a total loss, as it won't turn on and no image will appear on screen. The 3DS still works but has some major teeth marks and holes all over it. Guess I can still sell my 32gb vita memory stick and make a little money cause I am not buying a new vita anytime soon. Ill try and clean up my 3DS as best as I can but it will never be the same haha. RIP my friends, you shall be missed.

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PSN ID: WorstPlayerEvr

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Hey guys, my friends and I are huge fans of the original COH. We are not competitive RTS players in anyway so we usually just play 3 v 3 Expert AI. In the original COH, we would usually pick maps that had two pieces of land separated by bridges or water that we could either blow up the bridges or place enough defenses to separate us from the enemy until we maxed out our forces with the best units and then steamrolled the computer. So far in COH2 though, we haven't found any maps that allow us to do this effectively. We end up just getting rushed right at the start and end up losing more times than not. I don't know if its a combination of the maps and the new factions and the game pacing and everything but I was wondering if anybody knew of any maps in COH2 that would be good for the turtle strategy we enjoy?