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Their giving them out like candy, but for peeps that are still looking ....

CODE for PC:





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I thought the actual ending for the murders was expected and the only way it could have ended.
But the personal ending for Rust was amazing and beautiful. I really identified with Rusts thoughts and beliefs throughout the show and his quest for Philosophical realism is really in line with my understanding of the world. I also think that a big part of the youth of Western society (that likes to philosophize) has these views and finds their beliefs in science or realism.
Rust "letting go" this episode was not about him dropping into his death or walking towards "the white light", I think it was about stopping his quest for realisme and embrassing him being human and having human thoughts. It reminded me of him saying "Self-conscious is the worst thing to happen to humanity, in its evolution" and it looked like he was talking about religion then, but know it seems like he was talking about himself. That a quest for realism and a truth might only lead to darkness and that "letting go" is more beautiful and leads to light.

Basically to sum up, if you always look at the ENTIRE world and try to understand it, the conclusion is ..... it sucks. This is where I often find myself when overthinking everything and although I find it fun it doesnt lead to much "light".

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Me and some Dutch people just got invites send a few min ago.

Signed up for PC and got PC downloading now!

Maybe we can start naming invite waves and timezones to help each other get some logic behind it.

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@andorski: "TitanFall's marketing being Xbox One-centric."
That got me worried that the Microsoft Cloud will be for Xbox One and not optimal for PC. Since Microsoft is about that Xbox.

Did they confirm that PC would use the same Cloud? or dedicated servers through the standard server hosts for PC gaming?

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This beta just got me super amped for this.

I dont like the idea of 6v6 after playing BF4 the last few weeks, dont like the idea of bots in multiplayer because AI will ALWAYS be different from real players, dont like the idea that a killstreak (titan) might be the most exciting part of this game.

But alot of these peeps made CoD4 and that just tells me these people know what I want before I do myself. I believe this can be the future.

CoD4 made BF3

Titanfall wil make ........ BF 2143 :0

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Would love to see China Rising now almost everybody got it. Might fill up the server abit hopefully.

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@fleabeard: Seems like it, friday till sundays just zero :(
Had it going with 6 people saterday evening but none joined after 30min waiting.
Seems like alot of random people removed it from favorites, thats what im doing if a server is 0 / 64 for a couple of days.

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Got it running stable and looking good on pc, now my client still crashes but server crashes are almost none existent. The longer the first big patch and nvidia driver take, the more I believe those will do wonders.

Was also playing BF3 last week, but now Im liking BF4 so much more that I just take all the shiz. Maps, weapons, upgrades and just overall BF4 feels so much better apart from all the tech problems for now.