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Thanatos465 said:
"thats fake, when u roll it over its just programmed to do that, meaning its an image that have 2 images, one is on top and the other is on the bottom, its not an Optical Illusion, its programmed"

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Lava lamp.

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Kush said:
"If you really dream about metacritic this much...you need help, that's all I'm going to say. You need to stop smokin' that there reefer!"

Or maybe he needs to start smoking it more.
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Bleh, don't like it.

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My cellphone

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Beat in like 5 times.

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Bosses in ninja gaiden 2.

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 Black_Raven said:
"BiggerBomb said:
"I've never had a really awkward sex conversation but I do have a really awkward story:

A year or so back I was watching porn on my computer late at night with the volume low. Next thing I know I hear some swift footsteps coming up the stairs next to the room. So I hit the light switch, turned off the computer screen, turned on the TV, and jumped into my bed quickly pulling up the sheets (naked mind you.) It turns out it was my mom coming in to say g'night to me. She sits down on the edge of my bed and was just asking me something about the day when I hear a barely audible moaning sound....

I didn't exit out of the video. >.<

Of course the screen was black so you couldn't see anything and my mom starts looking around at the room asking if I heard anything. I of course said, "No, mom, it's just the TV. Look." I was watching Scrubs and they were just doing shit around the hospital so it wasn't like there would be much moaning involved there. I told her I didn't hear anything and that I was about to go to sleep. I said goodnight, she shrugged her shoulders, and left.

I will never forget that. D: "
Haha lol it sucks when that happens, but if you think that's bad hear this! One time i was watching some porn with headphones plugged in through my 5.1 setup with the sound on the speakers up kinda loud but all the audio was going through the headphones obviously, well all of a sudden i herd my bedroom door open, i didn't have time to pause it but i had the curser on the minimize button so i minimized it, i quickly took off the head phones and while doing so accidentally disconnecting it from my soundsystem, so there i was sitting at my comp with porn blasting though my soundsystem with my mom standing in my doorway speechless....worst day of my life."

Wow... both of those situations sound really bad lol.
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AC/DC Highway to hell.