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@TheWyotee93 said:

Took me 16 pages worth of mech page hunting but i finally got it. Thats what i wanted to spend 20 minutes doing

Yes : thanks dude, went to the 16th page and found my game !

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These quests are really hard !!!

I spend all my time on them...

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2 years later, my two cents... This quest set is very very hard without clues...

Rumble in the Jungle

  • 1 : A location : read the title
  • 2 : A game : take the first answer and add a single letter...
  • 3 : A game with the most famous monkey on Nintendo platform... followed by a word, associated by a flag.
  • Ice Ice Baby

  • 1 : A concept : take the title and paste it... but think 'game'
  • 2 : A game : in winter, there is a lot of this. Then famous plumber has it in its name.
  • 3 : A game : take the title and add a guy who is clambering
  • Don't forget to beathe

  • 1 : A concept : The picture gives the elements.. easy, but like Ice 1, think 'game'
  • 2 : A game : an adjective to describe the horizon followed by a guy who robs casinos (with their 10, 11, or 12 mates)
  • 3 : A game : type into google : submarine irem game and you'll find it.
  • It's a dry heat

  • 1 : A location : where mirages appear
  • 2 : A game : 1st game of a famous franchise. There is a lot of sand..
  • 3 : A game : Pandora is the location the game features
  • The final frontier (what a f***g quest !!)

  • 1 : A location : take the description...
  • 2 : A game : Now you can litterally control the stars, again (sequel)
  • 3 : A game : A famous recent RPG game sequel, taking place in space. You have several species in your team
  • 4 : A game : Old game, you have to explode things into smaller chunks
  • 5 : A game : do you like free space games ? try this, two times. (sequel)
  • 6 : A game : The best clue for this is to take the Halo enemies list, pick the strongest ones and you'll find this game, it has the same name.
  • 7 : A game : Take the description followed by things grouped into sets, on this site.
  • Liquid hot something something

  • 1 : A concept : Take the description and think 'game'
  • 2 : A game : Made of pixel and junk. And the 3rd word is the 3rd letter of FPS.
  • 3 : A game : This is what knights are doing
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    @MAST: I agree. COD 4 was more difficult than COD 6.
    There is some parts on the game which are very hard (like Favelas, oil platform (with the smoke screen)) 
    I spent a huge time to finish COD 4 on Veteran but only a couple of days for COD 6.
    There was much less grenades on this game than the previous and maybe some times, the ennemies don't react the same way...
    There is the possibility of picking up a lot of weapons on the battlefield and the predator missile can help you so much for a really difficult check point.
    However, this game is a very good first person shooter with nice interactives cut-scenes.