Castle Crashers!

If you want to play Castle Crasher Co-Op with me, please send an invite!
Gamertag- Homes2
P.S. This morning I could only get 2 people in a xbox live game not 4 which is the maximum, hopefully it'll be fixed soon!

I like the green guy.
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What is going on...

with the main images on games! The box art for tons of games is gone and a random image is substituted for the box art. It's happened with DoD:S, Deux Ex, Half-Life 2, and other games! What is going on!?

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The Headshot Chronicles Giantbomb-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Release Date
September 16th 2008
PSP, PS2, PS3, iPhone, DS, Wii, 360
Previous Games
Republic Commando, Empire at War, Bounty Hunter
ESRB Rating
Official Site
Available now on XBL and PSN. Contains content not in the retail game.
Difference between platforms
360, PS3 the same, More of a fighting game on the Wii
Sci-Fi Action
What it's about
You play as Darth Vader's Evil Apprentice. Serve your master.
Stormtroopers, Wookies, and Rebel Scum.
Up you go

Game Length
Around 15 hours.
Choose how you want to take down your opponents. Throw him over the ledge with force throw or push? Or maybe force lightning is more your thing?
Why you should get this game
The force powers alone grant this game at least one playthrough.
None for 360 and PS3. Local MP on the Wii.
Rent or Buy
The Big Picture
A nice return to the original style of Star Wars that will please any fan of the franchise.
Predicted Rating on Giantbomb

4 Stars

With the arrival of Giantbomb I have been questioning whether or not to continue The Headshot Chronicles seeing as most of the key things in THC are detailed on the wiki page of whatever game you want on GB. Tell me what you think, Should I continue with THC or try something new? Thanks!

The Headshot Chronicles
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Gamestoppy Day

Today I woke up. Got dressed. Eat breakfast. Went to Gamestop and picked up my Fable II Pub Game Code after trading in 5 games (listed up top) for $40.
Later I went back, traded in my DS and Super Mario Bros for $100. Paid off Fable II and NHL 09 with $6 left on my EDGE card. Generation Kill rocks. And I hit 5,000 points so I have nothing to do anymore...suggestions?

Check it out on HBO on Sunday Nights
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