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Thanks for clearing things up.

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I'm about 60% done with the game and I'm playing as Marty. Is the game really that different a 2nd time around if I were to play as another character? Do the faction quests play out different or is it just the same thing with the different mercs swapped in and out?

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Provided by Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Games Studios.
Found Here.
It gives a backstory so you're ready to play Fable 2. Enjoy and tell me what you think.

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Purchased Day 1.

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Glad you posted those pictures. I really liked the caution sign theme and the box art really fits what I think of when I hear Duke Nukem.

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jakob187 said:
"Fable is like the scrappy diseased ugly mutt at the pound that everyone wants to take home with them."
As much as I'm hyped for Fable II that is probably the best metaphor I have heard for it yet. :)
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Arkthemaniac said:
"PureRok said:
"Mattzz10 said:
"While this is good news, what if someone who buys this game doesn't have an online connection?  This should have just been on the disc, as it would have made things much easier."
If they didn't have an online connection they wouldn't be playing co-op to begin with."
Couldn't resist.

They wouldn't be playing Online Co-Op but there is local co-op option for two players on the same Xbox 360.
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Many games, not matter PC, 360, or PS3, shipped incomplete and are patched later on down the line. Adam Sessler addressed this on his latest video podcast. I think it sucks that game developers are pushed to release dates before a game is finished. In this case, Fable II probably should have been delayed a little longer but at least they busted their ass to get the patch out on the day of release (seeing as the game had already gone gold making it difficult to put it on the disk).

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Picked up my copy today.