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I'm really looking forward to this and the price seems fair for all the content.

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Yep, I got the same email about the damaged posters. I'm glad they're keeping us updated and I'm looking forward to when the poster makes its way to my house.

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That is some garbage. Extra Life is a great cause and I don't get why people would DDOS them.

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Great panel! Anyone know if this will be on the site to download later this week?

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I know what I'll be downloading later today.

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Fantastic picture

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Thanks for the heads up and please keep us updated about other options to help out Ryan's family/spread his legacy.

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Absolutely incredible

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I felt compelled to go grab these episodes with everything going on this week.

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RIP Ryan. I never had the honor to meet you, but you and the rest of the crew entertained me for years and I'm grateful for that. Thank you for being a positive and enthusiastic person that brought so much joy to us in the community and so many others. You'll be missed.