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My Favorite Artist are Rage Against The Machine and Lupe Fiasco
My Gamertag is HoNgKoNgPh0oEy just copy and paste and type Giantbomb in your friend request

buyj3llo: Soulja boy excellent muscian topic =epic lulz and I never say epic lulz
funniest quote so far 8-5-08 from same soulja boy owned topic
"OP, you are saying that he is an "excellent musician" because he makes music that the retards who actually watch mtv for music like. If I were to record a sound clip of me having sex with a horse and say "MANAMANAMANAMANA" over and over again over it, with a simple beat to the background, would that be music, or would it be unwanted ear rape in which the creator should get shot?

If you are defending soulja boi as a musician that you are saying that me raping a horse is music.