Does this inspire you and do you agree with me or the gman?

My best and most inspirational post about SC IV review 3 out of 5 being unjust and people arguing with me link

Ok if he is going to make nit picks about it than it should not not get 3 out of 5 Im used to the x-play out of five scale and I will admit they give too many fives to the point where it is predictable but plain and simple the game deserves a 8 even after nit picks. There was many many nit picks and big picks about gears and other great games but in the end they expanded gameplay in their genre correct? yes says lies. Well so does Soul Calibur IV Im saying it deserves a 8 which is actually equivalent to a C+ I disagree with Jeff is the apocalypse going to happen no so I dont need to get flamed for my opinon which other who have the game and who have probably played it longer than he has agree. I am saying what truly makes a reviewer any different from the gamer I have played probably more than he has in all gametypes I agree with all nit picks he made but this game is a 4/5 and dont waste time. quoting if your trying to change my opinon because I have already played the game for 50 F'ing hours so we can all hail jeff but that doesnt mean we cant take a stand for a game we love. O yeah about a 3 being a good score other games that recently received a 3
UT3=a ps3 game with less content not successful,
Dragon Ball z burst limit- average dbz fighter that soul calibur Iv is much better than,
lego indiana jones,
Bourne supremacy- which most reviewers said best level was in the demo,
wii fit- people said good idea but not as good,
mario kart wii- which didnt add enough new to the series and didnt do well in reviews,
Army of two= speech less that this got the same score as SC IV almost barfs

so please dont constantly agree with any reviewer and be brave enough to have your own opinon because SC IV is no Army of Two by any way I have played 50 hours so I would know half of you agreeing with jeff have probably played 10 hours or less probably some of you have never inserted the disc or fiddled with it at a friends house. But dont talk about the game just because you love jeff talk about the game because you know info about the game and back up your post with how star wars characters and big boobs can bring a game from 100-60 . I will never agree with their score so dont waste your time. It is by no means a perfect game or close but it is a C+ and just like gerstmann fought to give kane and lynch a bad review I can fight to give SC IV a good one.

That is what all fans that have the game and have played alot like me and spaceinsomer are saying so dont say were bitching or asking for a perfect score because were not we are asking for respect and if you havent played the game for more than 10 hours dont act like you know it. Also dont give me the no life statement because I have been sick as hell and wasnt allowed to leave the house because my canoe flipped over and my intestines were infected. I ended that discussion and that is my opinon and I dont want someone to rebuttal it unless they have true facts. Because that is the peoples opinon who have played the game alot under no time constraint gamers like that are the true reviewers. Because they game and our on nobody's clock and have to wait for the game like everybody else.

*Bows* Good night unless someone has some rebuttal about how jeff is always right and how this cannot be.

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