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LiquidPrince said:
"These trials could have been so much better...
Yeah I enjoyed soul calibur iv training more than this to be honest
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Gouken trial 3 stage/ move 4 anyone? I saw the vid and heard you had to do a quarter circle before the kick and one after is this true i am going to go try it now

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OroJackson said:

I love the Joker, and Ledger did a great take on the charecter, but come on, can everybody lay off the impressions already..."

yeah really it makes memories of dark knight more annoying than entertaining and the movie is rereleasing in january which I am sure will be a big fad. Im just going to see it in IMAX since I never saw it there.
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Rage Against The Machine is where it is at

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I know this is five months old but just ordered Tritton AXPRO's and will get them tuesday I will put a review up for anyone who wants it
This is my first gaming headphones but their getting good reviews

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pause422 said:
"ColMustard said:
"Red said:
"Good that it doesn't suck. I would NEVER trust OXM for a purchase but they'll at least give a vacinity of the quality of the game."
I can understand your not wanting to trust a first party review magazine, but seriously if you read the publications when they come out, OXM is one of the better review sources around.  They get alot right. "
yeah....you keep believing that, I'll stick with what I know."

I only truly trust OXM if they give something a 10 considering they gave saints row 2 a 9 which I dont know if it deserves since I havent personally played it. IGN is the one a truly trust if a game gets under a 9 I usally cancel pre order if I was worried buying it
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You just need a host with a good connection and play at a normal time trust me its not broken but Chainsaw could use fixing since you dont even have to rev it up just really tap B . But im sure they will update soon. Just finished my second all nighter in gears 2 and it is far from "Ruined"

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Gold lancer looks cooler than hammerburst but good luck

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Big_Fact_Hunt said:

I thought the game looked pretty good, but since I'm PC only I'm gonna have to get round to my bro's house to play that.

I was hoping that Lark guy wasn't going to be hosting though, he gets right on my nerves. He can't take a joke, has no personality, is a sore loser and does that annoying forced-laugh-while-I-speak-even-when-not-saying-anything-funny crap. I mean, I consider myself an easy going guy but he really gets my goat. No, strike that, he gets my goat and ties it down raping it repeatedly then shoves a hand grenade in its mouth and blows its head off! Sorry to be so graphic, is it just me? Am I being too harsh?

Anyway, game looks great.

Yeah I didnt like host either
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Tru3_Blu3 said:
"Are we the only people who actually dig the Mirror's Edge demo? It seems like that game is not talked about..."
It is very short and action at end but it was ok not buy worthy right now for me Im looking into Left 4 dead