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By doing amazon things that only the cloud could let you do, do you think he means shooting 30 arrows in a circle around you with one bow string pull? Or perhaps he meant that you could find 30 foot giant anacondas slithering out of your television and into your living room.

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Perfect Dark Zero

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I dont really like Ellie Goudling's songs, but some of the remixes (Bassnectar's Lights remix and Flinch's Anything Could Happen remix) are pretty good.

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The worst sense of humour. Way too blatant and obvious.

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@Senno: Are you my dog?

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Over Christmas break i decided to embark on a 90 hour marathon. Please note that i played the majority of the DLC for all three games, i played them all on PC, and i had played them all before.

The ending originally seemed quite odd and really made no sense to me the first time i played through mass effect 3, but the second time, due in no small part to the leviathan DLC explaining the "star child" in an interesting way and simultaneously explaining the origins of the reapers, i found the ending to be fairly well suited to the series. Along with this newly created context that disarmed my confusion at the ending, i find myself finding people's arguments of "it disregarded all of my choices" to be rather irrelevent due to the change in scope from game to game. As i played through the three games i realized that with each game, the goals and meaning behind the decisions you make become much grander in scope, so in my head it only made sense that that in the end nothing would really matter. I ended up really enjoying the mass effect trilogy's ending and overall shift from a story of commander shepherd saving the galaxy to commander shepherd solving the galaxy.

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@Dagbiker: this is to reinvigorate the Esports scene, because if this game doesnt catch on with the pros, CS is dead.

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I laughed pretty hard because immediately after they said they would not continue to help me, i asked for help and they gave it. it seemed like if they didn't, i wouldn't have been able to advance the story line. I, frankly can't remember how they helped as it was 30 hours of gameplay ago, but it was pretty important.

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Damnit, where is Shawn Eliiot when we need him?

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Pre BC WoW was the era of fire mages 2 shotting full geared out plate classes, also it is not relevant to even a very small or niche audience of theirs. I wouldn't do it. PvP balance at that time was wonky and was not what it is even now.
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