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I knew Microsoft was quiet for some reason.


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Forza 5- 8 (GB Score 4)

Dead Rising 3- 7 (GB Score 3)

Ryse- 6 (GB Score 3)

Killer Instinct- 6 (GB Score 3)

Loco Cycle- 5 (GB Score 2)

Crimson Dragon- 5 (GB Score 2)

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@roarimadinosaur: That explains some but I cant find anything that explains anything about Live streaming. All I can find is information how you can just post the last 5 minutes of gameplay or manually record to post the next 5 minutes of gameplay.

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So whilst I am catching up on the PS4 stream GB crew done last night, it left me wondering how the Xbox One will handle streaming to Twitch. So I go to Twitter and get this response...

Link Xbox Support provided: http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/e3-twitch

It left me rather confused, so I go to Google and find this... http://www.polygon.com/2013/6/10/4415174/twitch-xbox-one-gameplay-streaming

A fairly old post but when did this change? Or is Xbox Support misinformed? With all the old information out, it seems pretty sketchy as all the info about streaming to Twitch as before Microsoft done a 180 and changed their always on DRM policies.

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Woah, this is shocking. He will be deeply missed. R.I.P Ryan Davis.

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Oh right, that's unusual but understandable. I have seen video reviews (IGN / Machinima). It will make for a better quicklook anyway as hopefully more people will be in multiplayer, if not I assume it will be next weeks TNT anyway, and with it being a worldwide release it would be a good idea for TNT.

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I don't know if I have missed Jeff say anything (on twitter or whatever) but I was wondering why there isn't a quicklook up yet, I thought its quite strange as the review has been posted, video reviews have been posted else where, so I assume video isn't under embargo.

Anyone know? I think its safe to say we will get one next week, hopefully.

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I sleep like a baby after bathing in a tub full of _______.

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How do I unsub? My sub is due to auto-renew in a weeks time. The content hasn't been worth it since the buyout.

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As others have said, Auto-renewal is still on. Mine is due to renew September 13th. If nothing gets announced soon, I will cancel the renewal. They haven't done enough since the move to CBS for me to pay for another year. Not to mention I have less time to watch some stuff nowdays also the money can come in handy saving to buy a house.