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So I'm looking to jump on the Vita train with all these great little indie titles to choose from.

I thought I would pick one up through Craigslist and save a little money.

Should I try to find a OG Vita with the OLED display or grab a Slim? Is the new form factor and battery life worth the sacrfice in screen quality? Does it really matter?


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I used to do Redbull and 5 Hour Energy sometimes... but all this stuff can have some serious effects to your long-term health (like diabetes, heart problems, anxiety) so I stick to coffee or tea now.

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One of the best ways to prove your point, no matter what it is, is to practice what you preach.

Walk the walk.

One of the best ways I've proven myself to not a be a "geeky homebody loser" is to balance my time between games and other (dare I say more educational or physical) activities. I love playing games. I also love and value doing other things. People are still surprised when you can demonstrate you can do both, responsibly.

There are many folks on this thread that get incredibly defensive when anything interpreted as "negative towards games" gets lobbied in their direction. The fact of the matter is, there are still many gamers out there who would probably do better to diversify their lives a little more. Just like there are folks who watch too much tv or eat too much.

Moderation will say a whole lot more about gamers than any outcry.

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God I hate fedoras. Maybe 1 out of every 10 people can actually wear one and look good. The rest are jokers.

The key is the clothes. If you want to look 'classy', then you better go all the way.

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I think even the most die hard CPAC attending conservatives would agree that the bigoted belief system held by many during the turn of the century was wrong. The game isn't suggesting that this kind of mentality permeates the Republican/Libertarian parties now. For that matter, the game isn't even try to represent actual history, since, you know, they live in a floating steampunk city.

Anyways, I think the idea of toying with extremist views of yesteryear is a fascinating backdrop. Certainly more original than than the typical 'Muslims are terrorists' bit that the media has been running the last 12 years.

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Doesn't happen so much anymore, but every now and then you see a website get the exclusives on some big title... and now I'm wondering how/why?

Yes, some people are going to jump to the conclusion that IGN has promised a fantastic review, but that seems a little far fetched to me.

Idk, maybe I'm being naive, what you do you duders think?

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um... Bioshock freaked me out too much and I never finished it (screw me, right?)

I've got to say GTAIV. It has aged some now... but man, It really felt like Rockstar had brought it all together when that game came out. Truly next gen. And Ballet of Gay Tony? Get outta here!

I wish I loved MGS4 as much as others. I feel like those games bring together so much of what I want in gameplay but... the fiction never made sense to me. If I was more involved with the story.... maybe I should go back and play the HD releases.