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R.I.P. Ryan Davis and thank you for making Giant Bomb the greatest video game website around. GB will never be the same without you. Condolences to your family and the entire GB crew. China Don't Care

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looks very similar to another modern war game

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Marijuana is no more harmful than Cigs or even alcohol for that matter. The worst thing I do when I'm stoned is eat a snickers and fall asleep. Put me behind the wheel while I'm high and I will get to my desired destination, it might take me a little longer but I will get there nonetheless. Put me behind the wheel while I'm drunk, theres a high chance someone wont make it home safely. And no Marijuana isn't dangerous, actually the opposite is true. There has been documented cases where the hemp oil from Marijuana has actually cured forms of skin cancer and skin diseases. Not to mention the positive effects it can have on cancer patients or people with chronic pain.

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@natetodamax: Dude ever since the first COD there was a Single Player aspect that was arguably better than most FPS. Battlefield 1942 was a multiplayer only game, basically all the way up until BadCompany 1 was there ever a stand alone single player part of the game. So if anything its the other way around, although I would argue nowadays that the single players in both are still better than most FPS.
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Funzzo, to answer your question and not be a flaming dickhead like some people, I thought both campaigns were good, although MW2 seemed like it had greater set pieces. I loved all the previous Call of Duty multiplayer but for some reason, maybe it was the customizable killstreaks or all the hackers, I just couldnt get into MW2 multi. I love how the battlefield multi demands a greater sense of teamwork if your trying to get the best squad of the round. That and flying around a helo as my buddies spray down machine gun fire will never get old to me.

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What kinda diet and workout regimine did you have, you look great, no homo. Welcome back, getting ready to watch the new vid
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Giant Bomb, Brad Shoemaker.......pick me please, I'm the beta player you are looking for!!

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The multiplayer is fantastic, single player is decent as well, 40 bones sounds like a good deal to me