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My friend's account was hacked and had a similar problem. Except instead of 25 days it took microsoft over 2 months to fix the problem and even longer to refund the money.

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@Dagbiker: Thank you sir, I just figured it out haha I didn't realize they localized it

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I know it says 7 pm, and I also know that Giant Bomb is based in California. But is that 7 pm for pst or est?

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@ShadowConqueror: I will agree, that's creepy haha

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With all this talk about people filling up their Whiterun homes with whatever item pleases them or bodies or whatever begs the question. What is the craziest item that one can fill their house with? has anyone done it yet? and what is the craziest item that you have sought out and filled your home with?

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@gpbmike: Fair enough haha, shooting down helicopters is pretty rewarding

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Just tell me how much to transfer Lumines (the only PSP game)

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I'm playing on XBLA and I am 5 stages away from probably the most hard earned achievement I will ever received. Had anyone gotten this already? any tips for the last few stages?

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So I love flying jets, it feels incredible and dog fights are also pretty awesome but when I spend too much time in the air I understand I am being a detriment to my team. I guess what I'm wondering is, do jets become more useful in supporting ground units as you progress through the rewards?

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Oh also:

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Everything needs muppets all the time

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