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I was just browsing some Giant Bombs ya know and I think I'd like to look up good old Shaq is doing

I was shocked to discover no quest was unlocked, not for him as a person, character or in his awesome role in Shaq Fu.

I am outraged! that is all

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Awesome to see a company taking the opinion of its users to mind

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Maybe you've heard of it, maybe not I haven't been checking on it recently. Anyway with the upcoming death of SWG I would hope they're finally kicking it into gear over there and getting this game done. It's been in the works for a pretty long time, who knows maybe after this "galaxy ending event" there will be new life in the developers.

Just wondering if there's anyone out there who knows about this, I do miss my SWG more than ever.

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I've seen it brought up a time or two but I really do think the page needs to be trimmed up a little bit.

By saying this I mean games like Fallout, and Elder Scrolls cannot be on this list much like any character in a text based game. Just because you don't hear your character doesn't mean nobody does.

Sorry to bring it up again, but I saw the last time this was really discussed was like 3 years ago.

Also, the character from the original Saints Row isn't a "silent" protagonist, he speaks like 3 times

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@rmanthorp said:

This, thank you for being amazing sir

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Pacing seemed a bit off, but I did have fun. The ending that I didn't want to pick (the one at the airport) ended up being the better ending. Why it takes a choice like that to really run the town is beyond me.

Also, Kenzie is pretty awesome

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63. That there's no reason to use any weapon besides your handgun

64. Apartment buildings can be purchased for $1,000

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It's hard to believe that almost a decade ago I was playing Star Wars Galaxies, and now it's ending. The saddest part is, I won't be there to see it happen. As lame and such as this may sound, I met a lot of awesome people and made tons of great memories playing that game. There are some people from this game I still talk to, people who I've known longer than my younger siblings, it's strange to think about really. But now it's over, and yeah it's for the best (they've been beating a dead horse that was long dead and buried for years). Say what you will about NGE, but this game was amazing in it's prime. Never had a game given me that feeling of immersion and adventure, the true feeling of being whatever the hell I wanted to be. The way the professions worked was pretty awesome and made for a pretty individual feel of every character. Although I was a kid I still had an awesome appreciation for the houses in this game, I worked for every credit I had to fill my house with couches and cabinets, misc loot and bones to build a place that was truly my own. For weeks I worked to become a creature handler, training small animals and selling them for petty change (I was like 11 I didn't know any better). These are only some of the memories of this game, there's just too much to cover it all in text. From late night talks with friends, events in the player cities, personalities of the server and even friendships built on a less than friendly rivalry. The game allowed you to be whoever you saw yourself as, and on your adventures to do missions or even to just take in the scenery, you were bound to run into someone new and make a friend. So goodbye SWG, it was fun and I stuck with you as long as I could. I enjoyed you in your prime. I played through the CU (it wasn't all that bad). Finally, (this was a tough stage) I played you through the NGE, leaving and returning for months at a time just trying to keep the memories alive. I only wish I could see you go myself, on my character who you helped build as much as I did but I missed the deadline so don't take it personally SWG, it's not you, it's me.

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