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Go for it, I wish states would start Seceding from the U.S., this country would be a much better place.

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I'm moving back to Verizon because T-Mobile is garbage. The only thing holding me back was the terrible phone selection, phone updates, and crapware involved with Verizon. Going iPhone means I can go stock so I'm all in. I'll probably pick up the watch too.

I actually just switched to MacBooks from PC Laptops too. I love PC's but man, those PC laptop trackpads are a complete joke; I'll still never go with a Mac desktop though, what's the point?

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I'm about to embark on a 22 hour flight with a total travel time of 26 hours with a small child and my wife. So I'm in the middle of planning what to bring.This is the first time we've done a flight this long with our kid.

Here's the big question, how tall are you? I'm 6'6" and have long legs. After the last time we flew a 10+ hour flight, I refuse to fly anything other than Premium Economy or Business. Yes, it's more expensive, but it's worth it if you're tall.

What are you bringing on your flight entertainment wise? You can check to see what the plane has equipped, like USB chargers but many still don't. I recommend buying a couple battery packs on Amazon. I use them to charge my phone, my wifes iPad, my 3DS, etc. It's a life saver.

Just in case there are kids, bring noise canceling headphones or even just plain old ear plugs.

Don't decrease your sleeping hours the night before, get a good nights sleep. I used to sleep maybe only an hour or two before a long flight the next day but that was always a mistake as I didn't get a lot of sleep on the plane so I was miserable when I landed.

Some people do fine with drinking before a flight, others don't. I usually have a couple beers before I fly just to relax a little bit. Don't get tipsy or drunk.

The reclining thing can be an issue. If you want to recline, just ask the person behind you if it's ok. If you're flying premium economy, reclining shouldn't be a problem.

If you're flying economy, get the kosher meal, it's generally better.

I usually run warm, but I always wear jeans and bring a jacket or small blanket just in case it gets cold. I also always wear shoes. For safety, it's best not to wear sandals or anything with open toes.

One final recommendation. Either bring or buy at the airport deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrush, a change of t-shirt, a comb (if you have hair), and some type of cleaning body wipes. I always feel a lot better if I brush my teeth, wipe my face and underarms, change a shirt, etc. after being on a plane for a long time.

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Just bought a 3DS XL a couple weeks ago so I'm a little annoyed. Nintendo should have just made this thing into a brand new handheld, not a slight upgrade. The "better 3D" has me a little intrigued though as the 3D on the XL is awful; I just leave it off. I'll probably end up selling my old 3DS a month or two before the new one comes out and then upgrading.

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You need a lot more water; hand sanitizer is always a good idea. Also a good idea is a book on medicine, like techniques to make splints, take care of wounds, gashes, etc. I also keep on my backpack a small laminated book of different types of knots and how to tie them. Oh, and get a shotgun.

Here's the medical guide that I have

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PC. I had an Xbox One but sold it because of the really irritating interface. I have a PS4 but I almost never turn it on. I'm using the Wii U and the PC mostly.

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Does it get any better after the first episode. My wife and I watched the pilot and we both thought it was pretty terrible.

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This is amazing. Dan is amazing.

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Oh please, it was really more like shoplifting. A shove and a stare down afterwards, and some people are willing to upgrade it to robbery.

This got me wondering about the legal definition, so I looked it up.

From wikipedia:

Robbery is the crime of taking or attempting to take something of value by force or threat of force or by putting the victim in fear. At common law, robbery is defined as taking the property of another, with the intent to permanently deprive the person of that property, by means of force or fear.

Provided it's true that he didn't pay for what he took from the store, Brown's actions were the literal definition of a robbery.

I had actually checked the definition earlier when the video was first released. I don't think his actions were the literal definition of a robbery. If he had threatened beforehand, I would agree. He allegedly shoplifted and was caught, at which point he shoves the clerk and stares him down. Did the clerk actually think he would apologize and put the merchandise back, or would he try to get away? There's a reason many people who work in retail are told not to attempt to physically stop a shoplifter and to leave it to security or the police. The risk of a physical confrontation which may lead to a lawsuit.

I would agree that you could claim a minor assault after the fact. However, people like you are quick to lump them together into robbery.

Actually, it's the exact definition of robbery. He didn't actually steal anything prior to leaving the store with the items. Because he was still in the store when the clerk confronted him about putting items in the pocket, and because he threatened the clerk and then left, it's robbery. Putting items in your pockets in a store is not theft or robbery until you leave the store.