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People who claim to just "not like onions" are a bunch of liars, because there is no way someone could not at least like caramelized onions. In general I think people who have long, long lists of foods that they dislike simply ate some garbage rendition of a food and then never gave it another shot.

Onions and cilantro taste like soap to me. Grilled, raw, boiled, fried, however. Fuck onions, and that's the truth.

I love cilantro, I pile it on to my tacos whenever I get the chance.

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I'm the least picky eater that I know. There's only a few things I've ever tried that I didn't like, one is Balut which most people think is disgusting anyways. The second thing I can't stand is coconut shavings, specifically the shavings. Coconut milk isn't my favorite thing but it's drinkable. I can also eat young coconut and coconut based soups and stuff and that's fine. I also love peanuts, almonds, etc. but I hate when people put nuts on a dessert item. Every once in awhile I'll find something that actually tastes better with nuts but in general, it's terrible, especially chocolate cake and brownies.

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That truly was a great race. My first year watching F1 and I'm loving it. I wish the field was a bit more competitive, oh well.

I also watched Indy which I've been doing off and on when they aren't racing on those really stupid oval tracks. The last race in Toronto was fricken awesome. I recommend people look at that race if they want to have a fun viewing experience.

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@brackstone: I used to watch a lot of Anime and I think most Anime TV is bad. I got into One Piece for a little bit and it has it's charms but it's too damn long and suffers from the DBZ effect of a lot of still pictures with mouths moving for 95% of an episode followed by a couple minutes of action.

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Redline is great even for people that don't like Anime because it's just fricken weird and nuts. I stopped watching Anime TV around 2004 or so, it just doesn't seem like there's anything out there that could match the stuff like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Berserk, Escaflowne, etc. Anime movies are still pretty good though.

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It will probably be f2p on the PC at some point.

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The legend of drunken master is a great place to start. There are very few good Chinese martial arts films today, they've gotten really bad.

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I feel like I'm one of the few minorities that is pumped for the new hires. Dan seems like he's funny and meshes well, that's kind of what I want out of Giantbomb. Don't understand the hate being directed towards Jeff and the rest of the duders either, they most likely only controlled the hiring process for Dan's position and there are few men, let alone women, who have the same stature and resume as him. Dan Ryckert's a get, full stop.

I'm a minority and I'm extremely excited. Dan and Jason are amazing. I can't wait for some content with these guys.

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@neonie: I understand what you're saying but I don't agree with it. You should hire who's the best fit based on previous knowledge, experience, personality, etc. It's how pretty much all hiring is done. If there was a woman or man of a different ethnicity that was a great fit and applied, I'm sure the GB crew would have picked him/her up. That just didn't happen this time around.

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If you can't supply an example of an applicant who you think was passed over, all you are doing is fighting for affirmative action, which is horrible.

I think this argument kind of falls on it's face. If the entire point is to get fresh faces and new perspectives, then ideallyno one would know who they are yet or be able to name them. If they had actually taken applications from the community like it seemed like they were going to do before going the Rolodex route with it, then they would have been relative unknowns, not people that were already well known or "famous" in the already present game industry.

What I wanted from this was for them to introduce to me someone completelynew who would provide a fresh perspective and voice on on things. I don't give a damn about race or gender, but there are definitely genres at Giant Bomb that aren't being covered, there are people out there who no one knows, there are risks to be taken with a fresh view that might not actually just agree happily with everything the rest of the staff says.

In any company, you hire people with experience. It wouldn't have made sense to hire someone as a senior editor or someone who could do video from the community unless they had a lot of experience. The point of this site isn't do get new up and comers, it's to basically have a group of friends play games together and then tape their dumb antics. Hiring people that are unknown to the crew would probably end up being a big mistake.

You're right. People don't learn from mistakes, and risks are never worth taking. Good thing they never hired that Patrick guy. We ALL know that would have turned out horrible.

That's not what I mean. Of course risks are sometimes worth taking. However, they had two spots to fill and had two great individuals able to take those spots. It wouldn't make sense to pass that up. When you have a perfect fit, take it!