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Depends on how much you want to spend. I just bought a dell S27 monitor because it's being phased out and incorporating HDMI instead of DVI-D. It was $250 on sale, IPS, amazing input lag, etc. However, it's only 1080p. The reason why I didn't go 1440p is because 4k monitors are finally coming out consistently and at lower and lower prices. I can deal with a lower res monitor now and will buy a 4k/5k monitor within the next couple years.

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@corevi: I believe that Windows RT was considered 9. It's weird.

Also, Windows 10 is fairly stable. Why do you need/want to run it? Why not dual boot with Linux?

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I'm hoping that those four 980's are for more than just gaming. Because if not, you're a crazy person. I'd still approve, but you'd still be crazy.

Shit, I just noticed that you have a Raid-0 setup with SSD's. I'm also hoping that you back up to that 6GB HD regularly, or do so offsite because if one of those fails, have fun. Why not go with a Raid 10?

And only 16 GB of ram? I'm disappointed.

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Get the 980 instead of the 780 ti

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For the first time in a very long time we got a whole bunch of great RPGs. Wasteland 2 and Divinity seem to have been well received but not talked about much recently. They are probably among the top few best games of the year.

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I really wish I have a current-gen system. By the way, is there an auto-attack button on consoles or do I have to mash X or A repeatedly like last time?

You can hold down the trigger button but not select an enemy and watch yourself hit it.

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Shadow of Mordor. It feels hollow; there are a ton of ideas but the world is just boring. I'm hoping for a more interesting sequel.

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Definitely better than Dragon Age II so far but the combat still leaves a lot to be desired. The "tactical" camera (top-down) view with pausing is basically worthless as you can see so little of the battlefield and your mouse acts like an analog stick. So it's very very actiony, meaning it's closer to DA1 on consoles than on the PC.

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Congo - 3 out of 5 for all of it's campy glory

Prince of Darkness - 2 out of 5 but still worth a watch. Definitely among the worst of John Carpenters Movies.

Witching and Bitching - 2 out of 5 but also worth a watch.

Frozen - 1 out of 5 . . . what the hell did I just watch?

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I just read the SQL Server 2014 Technical Overview. I'm going to start on the SQL Server 2014 Admin book tomorrow. I also try to read the bible every night. I'm so fun! There are a ton of books in my backlog that I don't have time to read.