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The First Templar - That Owl Sounds Strange Edition 0

Let's get this out of the way first, The First Templar isn't a good game in the way that Dead Space or Gears of War is a good game, The First Templar is good because at times, it reaches the strange heights of Deadly Premonition while still providing a fairly decent story, good controls, and an interesting (better than it has every right to be) combat system. Keep that in mind while reading the rest of this review.I wasn't necessarily anticipating The First Templar on it's release, however, I de...

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Horseman's Infamous 2 Review 0

Despite it's flaws, wonkiness, and weird design decisions, Infamous was a fantastically fun and interesting experience that no other open-world game provided at the time. I was extremely excited about the release of Infamous 2, expecting a game larger in scope with better powers, graphics, characters, and story. Infamous 2 improves on Infamous 1 in some ways but it also doesn't hold up as well in other instances.The first major change anyone who played the first game will notice, is the change t...

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A Lesson in Logic 2

LA Noire is a project that I've been interested in for some time and I applaud Team Bondi for their ambitious attempt at creating a deep and unique adventure experience. However, even with the great face-recognition technology and interesting style, the flaws of LA Noire greatly outweigh the games triumphs.LA Noire is at times a gorgeous game to look at. The face-recognition technology is both endearing and off-putting. The main issue is the obvious disconnect between the quality of characters f...

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Crysis 2 - A Horseman's Review 0

Back when my computer was the staple of my entertainment system, Crysis was used as the benchmark for my computers performance; actually, this was pretty much the case for all "Hardcore" PC Gamers. As a game, Crysis was decent, with a large and generally open-world environment for the player to explore and experiment.  I've been looking forward to Crysis 2 for quite awhile. I didn't except a huge graphical leap, especially since I was going to play the 360 version, but I was expecting a high-qua...

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