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here's a few of mine:

both available in my storefront if you're interested...

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the closest thing to rally that fm4 has is point to point tarmac races... there are no dirt tracks in the game.

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here's a few more

and a WiP of something i'm working on for the aussie fans out there:

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they did so much more than just put a 4 on the box... the look, the feel, the sounds... i've been hooked on the rivals mode, which is an awesome addition to the franchise.

oh, and..

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@xMP44x said:

Interesting... the Calsonic Skyline front lights are covered, by the look of it. Are they actually covered?! If you moderate the ForzaMotorsport.net forums then you definitely deserve a copy of the game. Props to you for doing all that work there. I hope the game is as awesome as your shots make it look!

yes, thank you, and yes the game is awesome... too bad this "work" thing keeps me from playing it as much as i want... the weekend needs to hurry up and get here...

(also, nobody noticed the hood or headlights on the t-bird?)

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^^^ you left out Rivals mode

that will keep the game fresh for a long time...

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thanks for for that, PsEG... i guess i should have clarified that when i posted...

but just so you guys know, i'm usually terrible at pics in forza... that just shows how far fm4 has come

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here's a few of mine so far... simple, but i like the way they turned out.

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@Megasoum said:

What Dan Greewalt didn't say in his interview though is that Microsoft holds the Ferrari license and won't share it with EA which is why there is no Ferraris at all in Shift 2. Double standard much?

the Porsche discussion between Turn 10 and EA has been going on for 18 months. in that time, Shift and Shift 2 have both been released. The original Shift had a full Ferrari DLC pack released. Now none of us have any idea what was said in these discussions, but I'm willing to bet that no Ferraris in Shift 2 has a lot to due with no Porsches in Forza 4. 
Personally, I see this as a slap in the face to the guys working on Forza. Think of all the hours spent modeling the 35 cars from Porsche (interior and exterior), recording engine noise, programming how the cars handle, etc... I also think that if it were Turn 10 that was in the wrong here, we would have heard about it from EA.
there's my 2 cents on the subject...
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