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I am in this New World Order of Video Game sites 4 Life.

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Quick plug: Me and some friends do two weekly podcasts. One is called the VideoDestruct Podcast, that covers games and movies. We also do a pro wrestling podcast called The Schmozcast.

Now that my shameless self-promotion is out of the way here is what I listen to:

The Art of Wrestling

Wrestling with Depression

The Giant Bombcast

The Ross Report

The Steve Austin Show

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I bought them all. The PS4 is currently unplugged with a PS3 in its place. The Wii U is getting some good use with Mario Kart and I use the Xbox One almost every day for tv/games/apps and junk. Some apps are a little snappier on the PS4. But, I like the voice commands.

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I guess if you aren't into snark, maybe you shouldn't be watching a live stream of a press conference with people talking over it?

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I was on the fence and have as a result chosen to wait and buy it on sale.

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I don't really know how he got famous. But, that brand of comedy just does absolutely nothing for me.

Also, that new western movie he is in looks awful.

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Good luck, Vinny! I look forward to all of the stupid live streams that you and Alex will be doing in the future!

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It was pretty alright. It is an experience movie. If you don't go see it in the theater, you would be fine never seeing it. It was more fun than it had a right to be, while still suffering from some staggering oversights and blunders. If your town lost power over 24 hours ago, why are there still people working in a high rise office during the end of the world?

Overall, the movie overcomes the inevitable stupidity that is inherent to these types of films and emerges as fun popcorn entertainment. 3/5

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Louisville, KY, USA

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I think this site is pretty rad. As I have gotten older and more invested in my career, I have less time to take in content. So, even if the site is a little light from time to time, there are still tons of hours of premium and free content for me to take in. So, I don't know what you guys want from $5 a month or free. I mean, if there isn't enough content go find more somewhere else or maybe go outside for a walk. There is a big world out there and I am sure there is a gaming site out there for all of us.