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I quit a job earlier this year. I saved up money for a few months and quit to get some time away and to also look for new opportunities. I don't recommend quitting a job without a safety net. But, don't stay where you aren't appreciated or where you are miserable.

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@splodge said:

Some alternatives:

Sunset NOverdrive

Suckset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrivel

Ding Ding We got a winner.

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"Collector's Editions" with exclusive content have always been codes in my experience. Now, GOTYs and Complete Editions are usually pack-in discs. Although in both cases it can vary.

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I am in this New World Order of Video Game sites 4 Life.

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Quick plug: Me and some friends do two weekly podcasts. One is called the VideoDestruct Podcast, that covers games and movies. We also do a pro wrestling podcast called The Schmozcast.

Now that my shameless self-promotion is out of the way here is what I listen to:

The Art of Wrestling

Wrestling with Depression

The Giant Bombcast

The Ross Report

The Steve Austin Show

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I bought them all. The PS4 is currently unplugged with a PS3 in its place. The Wii U is getting some good use with Mario Kart and I use the Xbox One almost every day for tv/games/apps and junk. Some apps are a little snappier on the PS4. But, I like the voice commands.

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I guess if you aren't into snark, maybe you shouldn't be watching a live stream of a press conference with people talking over it?

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I was on the fence and have as a result chosen to wait and buy it on sale.

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I don't really know how he got famous. But, that brand of comedy just does absolutely nothing for me.

Also, that new western movie he is in looks awful.

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Good luck, Vinny! I look forward to all of the stupid live streams that you and Alex will be doing in the future!