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The biggest problem I have with it is that every 10 seconds or so the video stops and the audio repeats the last 5 seconds or so again and then catches up to where the video is paused and then it carries on. The only way I can get around with problem is to buffer the whole video (which if you leave for too long makes the player bug out and you have to start the buffer process again) or download it... I actually find the content better to watch on youtube and end up simply downloading all the premium content that I can...

its fucking garbage

I have this too!

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I have absolutely no idea what people see in Deadpool.

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Haagen Dasz.

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There is no war, Xbox One was 359 steps backward in the competition, I've never been a PlayStation fan except for the PS2 and San Andreas, but I've officially lost all hope in Microsoft, therefore - moving on to the PS4.

You all should do the same.

Oh man, you sold me...... On second thought, I will just buy both of them.

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The Rage engine.

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I pre-ordered bofum.

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I have a Wii U and I pre-ordered an Xbox One and a PS4. I am all-in.

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A Man Apart.

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@ll_exile_ll: The Wii U does not emulate Wii games. It does have the hardware built in. It would have been nice, however, if the Wii U would have included a hardware scaler like you have in the 360 to upscale the 480p Wii content to 720p or 1080p. I would say that since they did not include that feature at launch, that you will never see it.

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@shinjiex: I have always found that the games I played in my youth are the games that have stayed with me through the years. I played a lot of Western developed PC games when I was younger. I have never enjoyed JRPGs. Although, I did play through Persona 4 because of the Endurance Run.

Also, be less misogynist.