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Man, fuck Voxels, and double fuck Polygons; the real future is my new engine, which renders everything in millions of pentagonal prisms.

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@Kajaah117 said:
" @SuperfluousMoniker said:
" @Kajaah117 said:
" It's an alternative. That's like saying Android is pointless and unnecessary because the iPhone exists     "
The backscatter is what's pointless. The 'alternative' is even worse. What was wrong with metal detectors? "
Dude... you could probably just Google "how to build a bomb that gets passed metal detectors." Metal detectors are far from 100% secure. The full-body scanner lets them see all objects on or slightly-inside of your body. Anything that looks suspicious warrants an additional pat-down. It's a good system. "
Except for the fact that people have already found ways to completely conceal objects from the scanners, and anyone who isn't acting too suspicious or too brown won't get searched.
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My name is Don, not Dan. Now how I will I become e-famous? :(

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Oddly enough, I remember a time when I could empathize with Kanji's view on the nature of chicks and dudes. Two key differences being that

1) I eventually figured out not all women hated me, and I was Bi, unlike Kanji who is...straight? Gay? They never really clarified, but the funnier choice is of course FLAMINGLY GAY. (Seriously, sewing? You can't take two steps in San Francisco without roving bands of gay tailors fixing peoples clothes)

2) I wasn't outwardly angry or bitter at the world, I was just shy and had few friends.

It's cool to have a charachter in a game I can relate to who isn't even partially an offensive stereotype.