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Since nobody replied to this topic BEFORE Hoodslam, perhaps it would be better to make this a "Who went to hoodslam" topic. I saw a few people walk up to Dan and talk to him, and met a couple of people myself inside. It was my first time going, and boy was it INSANE. I sort of new to expect insanity, but it's a whole different thing to experience first hand.

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A mature, scathing critique on the nature of PewDiePies fans.

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I was wondering the same thing, it felt there was a whole first part missing. However, I would assume that if it's not on the site, then something probably happened and the beginning of the stream wasn't archived.

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For a second I thought that this topic was spam. Have I become so jaded!?

...I wouldn't mind taking a copy of someones hands.

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@cody5992 said:

I really enjoy the pleasure that this game brings me.

Well, when you put it that way, how can I refuse!

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I want james gournalism to go away, because the people who want it to change have proven they don't deserve it.

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@badsniper52: Thanks duder! Expect a friend request from me later today :o

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The past few weeks I had to ration which videos I would watch before bed because I didn't want to run out of GB videos to watch but I can see now that won't be a problem anymore.