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Eingyi, the charming fellow guarding the Chaos Covenant leader, will ascend your Pyromancy Flame. You'll have to allow the hostile worm dudes in the Demon Ruins grab you a couple times to infect you with egg-head, then talk to Eingyi once the infection has prevented you from using a helmet. You'll know it when it happens.

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@xobballox: You don't need the shortcut to get the helm.

@Shirogane: Two-hand your highest sustained DPS weapon, equip some high poise armor, and just unleash on whichever king is up at the time. Use the time that your stamina is drained to swig on Estus Flasks.

I used Gravelord Sword +4 and the Havel's set, made it really easy. Shady mentioned Iron Flesh which should help a lot, I had accidentally killed the trainer who teaches it to you so I was unfortunately without the spell for my playthrough.

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Anor Londo (Duke's Archives) can be tricky, you also can't warp out so if you do get frustrated there's no way pick one of the other paths first. It isn't particularly difficult, but a lot of people tend to get lost at some point. Pretty easy boss.

New Londo Ruins is probably the easiest area. I had purchased a few Transient Curses before I tackled this area, I didn't end up needing them but I would suggest buying a couple from the female undead merchant in Undead Burg's aqueduct just in-case. One of the harder bosses in the game, though there is a strategy that makes the fight unsatisfying easy.

Demon Ruins (Lost Izalith) is pretty easy, just bring a lot of arrows. Easy boss.

Tomb of the Giants (Area after Pinwheel in the Catacombs) is really, really annoying. There is a helmet you can pick up in Lost Izalith (Sunlight Maggot) that will help, and I strongly recommend getting it before going here. Easy boss, if you've got a Divine weapon or some decent magic.

In terms of difficulty for the areas, in my opinion: Tomb of the Giants > Duke's Archives > New Londo Ruins > Lost Izalith

In terms of difficulty for the bosses, in my opinion: New Londo Ruins boss (legitmate) > Duke's Archives boss > Tomb of the Giants boss > Lost Izalith boss > New Londo Ruins boss (cheese strat).

I didn't find any of these bosses as difficult as I did Ornstein and Smough, however.

Pick which sounds best for you. I would really recommend Lost Izalith before Tomb of the Giants though, that helm will do a lot.

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@codynewill: Skeletons, or fleshy undead? I ask because the game has an intended path of progression that is not communicated to the player. If you're fighting actual skeletons in a graveyard looking area, that area is intended for a much higher level character. If you're fighting fleshy undead....yeah, they're going to kill you quite a few times.

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All you do is walk for 10 seconds and that's it, this isn't a big deal and certainly not experiencing how the Joker plays.