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I'm partial to Use Your Ult Brad

Always did like Space Neon Lobsters as that from star trek online or EVE?

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So my dota is updating at this very moment and I believe the guild system is being implemented. Thoughts on a good name for the GB guild?

Edit: Well I was wrong about the update releasing the guild system, but fire away suggestions anyway. it should be implemented soon.

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I've been trying to grab one off and on for a while. Steam ID is DarkAnus.... long story...

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I've enjoyed it quite a bit when I actually get into a game, however the amount of time I've spent waiting for a game to start is probably double the amount of time I've actually played of it (and I'm a lv 6 at the moment which seems like roughly 12 games or so). They need to get that shit taken care of or else I'm out, despite how fun (and free) it is.

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So whats next? New game or take some time off?

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On the contrary , I think your giant golden tribute to the god of tubesteak was Shimmeroiled;s crowning (theres a joke in there somewhere) achievement.

Yeah, feels like a cheap way to go out, but at least it came to a solid end. By the way,VGK, nice writing.

Is anyone here proficient in adventure mode? I've never quite figured it out but it would be cool to head over to Shimmeroiled a hundred or so years in the future to see whats become of it. (I think you can do that, right?)

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Played the 2 level demo and in a rare case of weakness, actually ponied up the loot when it said "Purchase the full game to continue". TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Music is awesome. Semi-remixed tracks from the first 2 (as far as I can tell) plus a bunch of new, fitting stuff.

The game has a more methodical pace than most beat 'em up but that has always been the double dragon way. The cheese factor of the game is an 11/10 which is to say its prefect in all the right ways.

I really like they way they took a lot of influence from the old games. As an example, the way they re-used the concept of the helicopter ride from DD2 (door opens and creates suction, pulling guys out the door)

to great effect in the spaceship level

It does get a bit repetitive, especially after dying towards the end of a level, but breaking it up over a few play sessions definitely combats that.

I'd say its well worth the $10, especially if you have a bro around to high-five with.

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Yeah. There's already been talk of another GB succession game, but we didn't want to take any of the focus away from the first one. I think the original plan was to return to the beginning of the list on the (EXTREMELY UNLIKELY) chance that VGK does't send the fort into a spiral of golden dicks and dwarven death.

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@Daveyo520 said:

Everything should be made of gold from now on.

@envane said:

@Daveyo520: or everything should be covered in dicks ... either way we dont have a solid theme