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wow, you remembered so clearly the moment vinny cast Bufu :D i couldnt >_< i just remember laughing alot :D hot stuff!
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hahahahaha love how you gave them all thoughts... i guess your input could work... sure! :D btw, jeff is holding a drink in the 1st pic for anyone wondering what he's holding :)
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Just wanted to share some drawings i did, i took these pics with my camera because my printer isnt installed! but if GiantBomb needed these tshirts or walpapers or something, i could scan them :D enjoy!
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if you take the japanese characters before the number 5 and then look at a japanese title for persona 4, the japanese characters match, so it really does say persona 5  :)    
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holy moley fudging faces! yes please!!
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Do you accept Hong Kong currency? :D

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I've never been to Japan before but i would love to visit! i grew up in a small village in the UK, but after degree, i moved to Hong Kong for my career, ive been here for a year now and the pics seem really simular to HK stations :D

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endaround is right in saying you just need to answer questions to get normal or true ending but just in case you want to know, those questions dont happen until december time so you have ages yet :) enjoy the game!

i actually just finished with normal ending... i didnt know there was a better ending so ive loaded it back up! great game :D

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wow, thanks Red, vidiot and REDRUN! :) loads of recommendations ^_^ i do love Final Fantasy... played 3, 6, 7(awesome game), 9 and 10 but never played FF XII, good idea! but should maybe finish Persona 3 FES first, but can never have too many good games in my collection huh? :D

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