I think I'm done with anime

Most anime is complete garbage and deserves its hate with good reason. Out of 135 that I've seen, I would only recommend 7 of them, and that calculates to an astounding 5%. Now that may all sound really harsh, but after watching anime every day for three years I've grown to dislike it. A lot.

 What the hell?
The most major and significant stain on anime is the cutesy "kawaii" plague. Girls with giant eyes, hair of odd colours such as pink or purple, nonexistent mouths and noses, short skirts and school uniforms, tired and contrived quirks that are supposed to be cute (but usually just annoying), you name it! My heart just melts when these characters make nonsense baby sounds (uuuu, auuuuuu), turn out to be horrible cooks (so cute!), or are super shy about their flat chest and comically beat up anybody that mentions it (hilarious!). There are also entire series of girls being cute and silly, and people absolutely love it. Now let me ask, why do people like this? WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS? These characters don't exist. They were created by a bunch of old dudes trying to cash in on cheap emotions. They will not come to life and become your girlfriend. Stop obsessing over them!
And beyond all the cutesy crap, a lot of anime just sucks. A good share of highly rated anime is bombarded with cliches and tropes,
 Dude, it's like... so deep.
but people consider them to be masterpieces anyways (I'm looking at you, Code Geass) . I really wonder what these people have watched or read in their lives if they consider stuff like this amazing. But even worse are shows that try desperately hard to be deep and compelling, but end up falling right on their ass. I've seen plenty of people label Elfen Lied as deep and mature, and oh god. Tits and gore do not make something profound. Why do people make these shows out as so much greater than they actually are? There's nothing wrong with just being in it for the entertainment, but please don't call stuff like this things such as "masterpiece, amazing, deep, brilliant". They're not.
But the worst part of anime are the frequent cliches. While other mediums have a sizable amount of them as well, anime by far has
 If I were colourblind, I wouldn't be able to tell these characters apart.
the most. They are everywhere! Characters have zero originality as they're just cut and paste archetypes found in dozens of other anime. There's the bitchy girl that freaks out at everybody but ends up acting all cute and shy around her love interest, the intelligent dude that's always pushing in his foggy glasses, the extremely noisy and hyperactive girl, the jaded protagonist that sighs at everything, the whiny and useless character that fell  right out of a JRPG, the retarded airhead girl that the audience is supposed to find cute, the blank and emotionless character that rarely speaks, and on and on. And even worse still, is that EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER LOOKS THE SAME. Almost every male character has the same hairstyle, and sometimes the only way you can tell characters apart is by their hair colour. Girls aren't much better, either. Throw on some stockings and add a gigantic hair ribbon and you're good to go. Of course it's not only the characters themselves, but the plot (if one exists) is often so full of cliches that most often I'm thinking about where I've seen things before more than I'm paying attention to the show itself.
I guess this makes it sound like I hate all anime, but I don't. There are some shows that I've enjoyed and would recommend to anybody, but they're just so flooded by crap that I can't be bothered with this medium anymore. After finishing up Battlestar Galactica and starting on Twin Peaks and Deadwood, I'm not missing anime at all.  I've been forcing myself to continue watching and keep up with anime for quite a while now, but I think I'm done with the masochism. I would rather spend my time on other, better things.  

So for the people that think anime is for jerks, you're not entirely wrong. It's a bad medium with a couple decent series hidden here and there, but more than often you'll just be swimming through the crap that permeates it.