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@strikerthelizard: Giant Bomb was created with the personalities of the staff being a key part of the site. If you want soulless, encyclopedia-esque news, use the other 99% of video game websites. Giant Bomb is not for you.

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Wow. I can't believe this. I can't imagine not listening to him again after all these years. I don't know if a death has ever hit me this hard.

Rest well, Ryan.

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Revelations 2012.

Yeah, I actually played that dreck.

I thought it would be amusing in an ironic sort of way. It wasn't.

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Interactive pornography sounds cool to me, man. Maybe the video game industry should stop treating nudity as blasphemy when brutally murdering hundreds of people is seen as totally normal. Keep it away from minors and you're fine.

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Also the motivations for the plot are incredibly weak. Hey let's do this super dangerous mission for some guns. Guns for what? They're two people. The hell do you need a bunch of guns for?

Probably because that was their job and way of sustaining themselves? You know, being smugglers and all.

Clickers being a one hit kill can be frustrating and it just feels cheap honestly, especially when you clear a whole area of enemies and then are done in and get to repeat all of that AGAIN.

Superfluous checkpoints would break the immersion. Screwups are not meant to be forgiven. That's the nature of the game.

And I don't know why people have to bring up the number that reviewers scored it. Who cares? It doesn't need to be perfect from your perspective to still be a good game. Trivial nitpicks don't make it average.

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Yep, I do, but I still ain't supporting their anti-consumer bollocks.

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@MisterSamMan said:

I really want to enjoy Jojo, but it seems to have the same problem I had with Bakemonogatari. Incredible production, but the characters and story didn't interest me. I will say, I do like the characters in Jojo and the last few minutes of the 2nd episode caught my attention. So I'm not dropping Jojo just yet.

JoJo actually has a very small budget, surprisingly, although it makes up for its shortcomings with the stylistic elements and references to manga panels. The appeal of the series is definitely in how over-the-top and silly it is, so those looking for deep characters and an amazing story will find themselves disappointed. The manga is much more comedic as well.

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I just got Dishonored, but I shall only buy Assassin's Creed 3 for the remainder of this year since everything else looks bad.

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Remember when E3 was about video games?

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all these video games man