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This game can get really creepy.

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R290x here. Same issue. I read somewhere that rolling back to the Catalyst Omega (14.12) drivers fixes the problem. Looks like we get to choose between crappy GTA V performance or the Dead Woods stage in MKX being a pixellated fever dream.

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I picked up the upgrade yesterday. I already had the DX9 version but I didn't own any of the DLC so I figured I might as well. I've played up to the forest of fallen giants and the only real differences I've noticed are a little more detail on the character models (DX11 tessellation, I think) and better lighting. I'd need to see a comparison but I think this version might be From's attempt at addressing the lighting downgrade that the internet went berserk over when the game first released. There's an area upstairs from the bonfire where you first meet merchant hag melentia and I needed to bring a lit torch to navigate that room because it was so dark. It also seems like any well-lit areas are way brighter than they used to be.

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Shenmue 2.

Sorry. Couldn't help myself.

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Angry OP: This is my first Souls game. I've only played a few hours and I don't like it so now I have to create a topic complaining about how terrible I think the game is. I know the Souls games have a huge following of loyal fans so I'm going to go out of my way to use charged language, that'll get a rise out of them. I just can't understand how anyone could actually praise this game, seeing as I don't like it. I'm not a troll, honest. All of my opinions are fact.

Angry Souls fans: What?! Someone doesn't like a Souls game? They have a different opinion to us? Light the torches. Grab the pitchforks, halberds and giant hammers. Ready your most patronising insults. Let's all band together to tear this idiot a new one. All our opinions are fact, too.

Angry Souls not-fans: Here comes the Souls entourage! Look at these assholes, tearing into OP like that. What a bunch of douchebags. Why don't you play good games, douchebags? Our opinions are also fact.

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I definitely prefer the DS4 to the DS3 but I've run into a few problems with mine as well. Most of the rubber on both the analogue sticks has worn away after about 6 months of infrequent use (thanks, geometry wars 3) and the micro usb port loses connection if the cable connected is pushed forwards or backwards. This happens frequently during play, causing my controller to disconnect from my computer (I mainly use my DS4 on my PC). I've tried a few different cables so I know this is an issue with the controller, not the cable. I heard that the analogue stick problem is a recognised issue and Sony will replace or fix the controller if you send it to them but that seemed like a lot of effort so I just ended up switching back to the 360 controller. Now my DS4's sitting in a drawer, collecting dust. It's a shame 'cause I really like the controller, I just wish the build quality was a little better.

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Cara's Scottish. Casual swearing is about as common as shitty weather over here, I doubt that had anything to do with it. My guess is she's probably so used to dealing with asshats on Twitter that she assumes anything posted to her is sarcastic by default.

Edit: Or she eventually got fed up with dealing with asshats on Twitter so she uses a script to autoblock anyone who posts potentially nasty tweets.