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@finaldasa said:

That's nearly $30 per game. Seems like a lot for games you can pick up for a few bucks at some user game stores.

I get a lot of them might be uncommon but man is that way overpriced. I thought buying in bulk was supposed to save money.

There are 50 consoles/handhelds included in the collection as well.

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Does your motherboard have an integrated graphics chip? I ran into a similar issue when I first built my rig, turns out some games were trying to run using that instead of the video card. Disabling the on-board graphics through an option in the bios fixed it.

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Anyone else tired of the constant barrage of threads complaining about the constant snarkiness from the staff?

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Dundee, Scotland.

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Bit rough there, Eddie. "Congrats on the result, Ricciardo. Shame those Mercs destroyed you."

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That was a close finish between the Mercs, I thought Rosberg had Hamilton for a second there. It's good to see Ricciardo grabbing a podium place. Maybe the FIA will let him keep it this time.

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1. It's a From Software game. I don't think I've ever played a From game and thought, "Whoa, the graphics in this game are technically great!" Art style, sure. Technical graphics, nope.

2. The game isn't out yet. Calm the fuck down.

3. If graphics really matter that much to you, wait a month and pick up the PC version. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the PC version will probably look better than the version released on last-gen consoles.

4. Lighting:


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