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For fucks sake, why no internet connectivity?! I was totally tempted to buy this to play a tonne of Virtual Console.

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I hope those who have been let go land on their feet. People saying that Zynga is a "stain" on peoples CVs is bullshit. It's experience at the end of the day and that can be incredibly valuable, even if the company hasn't got the best reputation. If I had been offered a job at Zynga in the past, it would have been very difficult to say no.

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If digital count, Super Meat Boy: 1 from Steam when it first came out, 1 disc-based collectors edition and 1 from the recent Humble Indie Bundle.

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Just finished watching it. It's brilliant. Depressing in parts and heart-warming in others. Man, I had goosebumps throughout it's entirety.

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I was crying with laughter.

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They said they are going to work with 3rd party developers so the possibilities are pretty open.

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@TheRamboFetus: I can dream.

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As a fan Of Super Smash Bros Melee I am so stoked for this. Now please, please, PLEASE put Crash Bandicoot in this.

All the butthurt Nintendo fanboys are hilarious too.