Breaking The Habit

So hopefully this will be the first of many blog entrees on this lovely site, mostly because I've finally kicked my WoW addiction and finally put the wood stake through its heart by uninstalling the game, and since I'm too lazy to install the twenty or so disks to bring it back I think I'm finally in the clear...hopefully.  But no more WoW just means more console gaming! which personally I consider less addicting, and with a lovely service like Gamefly I've been able to experience a larger array games that I would have never paid $60 for.
So here's to more gaming.


Story > Everything (Spoiler Alert)

So as usual the boys at Penny Arcade sum up Dragon Age in three comic frames. D.A. is brutal with the choices you make, if you do something that a character disagrees with they will let you know and will even leave your party, taking everything with them. Now, my experience with happened with Morrigan at the end of game when she came to me in want of getting my heroic seed. My main character, being the moral paragon, politely declined. This promptly caused Morrigan to leave my party, causing me to exclaim, "Oh shit." Not that she had anything of great value on her, but she was an integral part of my party as my damage dealer/CCer. So for the final battles of the game I had to make do without her, changing up my strategies and outlook that I had become so accustomed to throughout the whole game. Needless to say, the Archdemon was probably much harder without Morrigan. Now this may seem like a cheap mechanic of D.A., however I actually commend Bioware for putting precedence on the story. Gameplay wise, yes it sucked rather hardcore, but story wise Morrigan's departure from my party made sense. I mean through out the whole game she was disagreeing with my holier than thow actions, now I got over this by giving her gifts (a gameplay mechanic), but I finally pissed her off enough that no gameplay mechanic could save her from leaving my heroic ass and that is how the story goes.


Infinite Undiscovery

 So I picked up Infinite Undiscovery down at the local Gamespot, mostly because it was used and cheap (oddly enough, used and cheap is the way I like my women as well...Zing!). I had read and watched some reviews on the game and it received above average scores, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Played it for a good five hours and couldn't get myself to play anymore. Now, back in the day, in my formative RPG teenage years, I would have tore through this game despite its mediocrity. My PS1-2 library is filled with sub-par games which I drudged through for sake of finishing because even average games have their sparkling moments that almost make the whole experience worth it. However, maybe I've grown jaded with age, because I can't for the life of me put Infinite Undiscovery back in the disk tray. The game could be a slow burn and eventually intensify to an exciting adventure, but I just don't have the time or patience to get to that point anymore. I dread to think that I've fallen into a category of shallowness and microscopic attention spans, but I won't take the time to indulge in bad pacing and narrative to get to better bits as there is no reason to test my dedication as gamer in order to get to better things.