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At least you can play it! I had the demo start up to just a black screen on the demo on both 360 and PS3 and after purchasing it on PS3 have only managed to get it to start once despite re-downloading it 3 times. I've even tried it on two other PS3s to the same result, though no one else on the Internet seems to be having this problem.

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@Mrnitropb said:
" I would be hesitant to even spend the $8 to RENT something like that. What is wrong with you people? "
Really?  Two dollars an hour ain't bad at all.  I'd be much more inclined to ask what is wrong with someone who pays $8 to rent a game.
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What the fuck kind of name for a game is "Infinite"?  Kind of cheesy if you ask me.

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@L1GHTN1N: If they hurry Diablo 3 can be like Torchlight 3!
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I'd buy this twice if they put it out on PSN as well.

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Will you be able to behead your subjects?

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I really hope this is going to be a PSN/XBLA game when it comes to consoles.

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Screen this 1 x 1 bullshit, where the hell is Capcom vs SNK X Namco vs Mortal Kombat RE: DC Universe?!?!

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The word you're looking for is definitely not "toggle," Brad.  A toggle is binary and the ability to not play in 3D is a given.

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This would be sweet on PS3, but why would I want to play this on my Netflix box?