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@DanielJW said:
" I continue to love you.  "
I continue to feel totally comfortable with that.  
@RobotHamster:  There's a big hand print on my monitor now, but it was worth it. 
@Dalai said:
" You forgot to point out that women are bad at driving and math. That also explains why all women are half-Asian. "
You managed to be a bit more sexist and simultaneously racist in two sentences than I was in my entire blog post. You sir, have a gift. Publicly, I shun you, privately, I salute you.  
" @HS21 said:

You have breasts, you've already won.
 I'm flattered. "
Just use them for good, not for evil.  
@Gamer_152 said:

Question: How come in real-life every time I try to report my length to a girl they call the police?

Guys like to report their length, girls like to report sexual assault. The world is a crazy, mixed up place, I know.  
@Sweep said:
" This thread should be the end of all relationship advice threads, everywhere. This is everything a man needs to know. "
If this blog accomplishes anything, it's to quell the onslaught of 'Girl Advice' threads. Actually, it's those threads that I enjoy the most.  
@Jazz said:
" I'm still sceptical. I've seen no proof that you understand the 'Edward Cullen Effect' This is the great mystery of our age...until You give an in depth explanation of how the ECE works..I would say you were Knowledgeable, but not an expert.  "
BRB listening to BCP.  http://www.myspace.com/thebellacullenproject
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Man, I'm digging that song. The album art ain't bad either ;)

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@Godlyawesomeguy said:

" I see great things in the future for this thread. "

I trust you Bateman.   
@Ace829 said:
" @Kolonel_Kool:  Sarah Silverman is not funny. "  
Neither is Wanda Sykes, Roseanne and is Debra that girl that does that 'Video On Trial' show? She's not funny either. 
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@Virago said:
" Oh HS21. If this were posted by any other user, you'd get bitch slapped. I'm not even mildly offended by this post. <3 V "
I'm enjoying the bitch slap immunity, thank you.  Life is good.  
@Lemoncookie01 said:
" This thread made me love you even more then i already do. "
So like <-------------THIS--------------> much? 
@Ace829 said:
" This is the best thread about females in the history of Giant Bomb. You are now followed sir. "
I'd like to give a shout out to all the creators of those threads inquiring about the female mind. Without them this wouldn't have been possible.  
" Shit, you've got hard proof. Good show sir, good show. "
Bullet points are irrefutable.  
" Holy shit!  25 points?  You must be beating the ladies off with a stick everywhere you go! "
And that's all natural, no points enhancing pills were used.  
" i love you  "
Do you really love me, or are you just naming people in the thread and saying you love them?
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I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to certain topics such as music, movies, how not to get spotted when following someone home etc. However, I think that the area in which I am most well versed in is the understanding of women and things relating to women. Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Who does this magnificent bastard think he is? What makes him think he knows more about the fairer sex than the next guy?". Well you skeptical sonofabitch, consider this: 

That's right, I am THE number one contributor to the Girl page, thus making me an authority on the subject. Now I feel like at this point someone reading this might have angrily ripped off their shirt and started screaming at their monitor, "That's a fictional character! You can't even begin to pretend to know ANYTHING about real girls, let alone women! GIRL isn't even anatomically correct! Gawd!" Angry, and now half naked poster, you're right. I can't pretend to know any real facts, I DO know them. Allow me to drop some knowledge for a moment: 
Women are bad at :
  • Sports
  • Stand Up Comedy
  • Not Crying At Work
  • Overcoming The Glass Ceiling
Women are good at : 
  • Making Rational Decisions
  • Looking More Attractive Than You In Your Own Clothes
  • Not Living Off Ramen Noodles & Kraft Mac and Cheese
  • Walking In Heels
Understandably, there might be some female members of the Giant Bomb community that will take offence to my claims that I understand them so easily. You might argue that all people are unique irregardless of gender and that I can't just paint a few bullet points worth of information on an entire gender and assume that it all applies, if at all. They might even think that this humble blog post is borderline sexist and irrefutably offensive. To them I say: 
You have breasts, you've already won. 
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I'm a gentleman of leisure. Yes, I do this professionally and I don't see myself retiring from it any time soon. 

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Minesweeper. Just don't expect a satisfying ending once you beat it. 

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Minesweeper. I finally clear the board and it just starts over as soon as I finish. No fanfare, no FMV cutscene, no rolling credits set to inspiring music, nothing. Such a letdown. 

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@PediatricUrology said:
" Oh hey we could be creepy and speculate about what was in the empty pill case. (please do not that would be actually creepy) "
Well ideally he has a pack of 4- wha...ungh, fine!