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I'm on a quest to play every game listed in "1001 Videogames you must play before you die!"

It wont be quick. It wont be easy. It will probably get expensive!

This isn't a list of the 1001 best games ever. It is 1001 games that will give you a well rounded gaming... vocabulary I guess is the best way to put it, so don't get bent out of shape if your favorite doesn't show up.

The only rules are that, if where reasonable, I need to play the game on the hardware it was intended for. If that isn't possible I must get as close as I can, meaning a MAME cabinet would be a suitable way to experience Pac-Man if I can't find an actual Pac-Man machine. I am allowed to play re-releases, but not re-makes. So for example the God of War Collection for the PS3 is fine for GOW I & II but MGS: Twin Snakes is not ok for Metal Gear Solid. Finally I must play them the way I would play any other game. I don't want to rush through a game and not get to actually experience whatever qualities got it added to this list. Likewise if I don't enjoy a game, I can stop playing provided I can explain why I don't like it.

I'd really better get started on this, if I can manage one per-day I'll be finished in...a little under 3 years.