A DOOM mod no one in their right mind should pass up!!

So, I was moseying around the internet, as I am naturally wont to do, and after some Duke Nukem (sniffle) stumbles from the Duke Nukem High Resolution Texture Pack, I stumbled on to this from somewhere: Knee-Deep in ZDoom

I was intrigued by the minimalist approach to showing off the game, as it showed just enough to whet my appetite, but my curiosity was still roaring hungry, so I downloaded it and its ideal platform, GZDoom, and quickly got to playing.

...and here is the part where I lament being able to tell you just how fucking awesome this mod is...because I'm afraid anything I say will ruin one of the myriad surprises in store for legacy DOOM players, but suffice it to say, Knee Deep in the Dead will NEVER seem as cool once you play this mod.

All you need is GZDoom, Knee-Deep in ZDoom, and the .wad from a retail copy of Doom. Put them all in the same folder, preferably a new one for isolation's sake, and then just drag the Knee-Deep file onto the executable and have fun.

My personal recommendations: Turn off the music, and try to keep the game as dark as you can stand. I usually don't recommend either of those two options, but this time I totally am.

To think: I'm only half done with it, too. ^_^

EDIT: I packed up the game's components for a friend for tomorrow, but I figured, hey, why not share it. So I will.