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Ha ha ha ha! Soulja Boy is DOOOOOOOOMED.

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I found the site to be...unfulfilling.

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Meteos is good enough to transcend the controls, I think. I'm already sold.

BTW, I called this, over a year ago.

Jus' sayin'.

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Wow.  That's just so fucking AWESOME.

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DSi + AC!D = It's On?

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Cool, but I'm a bit worried about this thick desaturation filter I'm seeing...I don't like seeing excessive desaturation. Why can't we have colorful games? Are we still doing this shitty cliche?

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Sounds great....except now I've found Left 4 Dead's versus mode.

Yeah...maybe I'll go back if I ever get tired of tonguing people down elevator shafts to their dooooooooom.

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*is literally doubled over in laughter*

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BoG said:
"BiggerBomb said:
"Are you playing on the PC or Xbox 360? I wouldn't be surprised if people aren't talking on the PC, but the Xbox 360? That would be very disappointing!"
I've been blown away by how few people talk in L4D on the 360. I swear, every other game people talk too much, in L4D, they don't talk enough."
Yeah, I'm just as stumped. That's why I usually assemble a team myself, though this notion COULD carry over to every other person out there playing.
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I used to play the Atari 2600 version, and I was understandably confused.

All I knew about the game was pressing the action button would make a noise I could only onomatopoeia as K'DYOOM, K'DYOOM.

Oddly enough, it looks even MORE primitive on an Atari 2600, and that's saying a lot, considering the 400/800 version.