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Yup, pretty much.

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I've been trying to change my profile image, but every time I upload my image, the system insists I have chosen my previous profile image for my icon instead. It doesn't seem to make a difference which image I upload/select.

EDIT/UPDATE: It turns out, this bug has something to do with being unable to upload an image at all. When I try to upload a new image anywhere else, the system assumes I wanted to add my last-uploaded image again.

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systech said:

You guys are so fucked.
Ha ha ha ha!
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Hamz said:
"I hate stragglers and they cause more problems for a team than someone rushing on ahead. Infact i've found in the Versus mode as survivors the best tactic is to all rush ahead together, shoot whatever gets infront of you and ignore the rest."
I can rationalize running ahead a little because if we're close to the exit, doing so A: might net us some survival points to help edge out the competition, and B: might encourage the other players to hurry the hell up, but I won't do it unless I have a clear line to the exit. It has worked a couple times...though it should be said, runners are my favorite victims when I'm Infected. Nothing like tasty, tasty double-standards, eh?

Honestly, I just want competent teammates, win or lose. I rarely get my wish, and it disappoints me.
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Priceless. John McCain wishes he took his advice...

Help me, Eminem! You're my only hope!
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Damn. I'm willing to put up with nigh impossible kombos....but this D-pad ruins the whole thing, and my stick is shit.

I think I'm screwed here. Scorpion's Kombo Challenge #8, and I'm giving up.

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How curiously fitting.

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"Awe-inspiring sites"? Sites?


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That Uno deck will be mine.

"HBK: bet the surprise is that the Ps3 version of Ryu is a homosexual."

Do you feel more manly now? >_>

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I just wanted to clarify: This poster isn't politically motivated in any way. The joke has nothing to do with John McCain beyond his photo being the one the joke is founded upon. That's all.

As for who wrecked his campaign (THAT is an inarguable fact) I won't go into anything else. No need. ^_^