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PureRok said:
"I'd say that Nuts and Bolts is one of the worst games to come out this year."
Are you always this outright contentious?

Anyway, concerning the Fallout 3/Mass Effect comparison, something about Mass Effect bored me to tears. I racked up about 14 or so hours, but only had about 2-3 hours of fun the whole while. :(  I won't deny it's a great game, but there's something about BioWare's games that consistently turn me off.
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addictedtopinescent said:
"Thats funny, and a great picture of McCain, Palin should be in the backround, cause you know she's the one that "killed" his campaign."
^_^ Nah, it's not even supposed to be that deep. Besides, I think Cindy McCain is far more dangerous than Palin, even if she does have a helicopter and a sniper rifle.
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Remember, if they're chasing you with the chainsaw, shooting them slows them down, thus allowing you to hit them even more, and *gasp* maybe even kill them!

Really, the chainsaw might be an easy kill, but the poor bastard who got sawed probably has a buddy nearby that will net the free kill because of the downtime on the animation.

That kinda evens things out in my opinion.

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Just thought I'd share this. I made it over on the cheezburger network, and thought GiantBomb users would find it funnier:

Also, to anyone who saw it the first time, sorry for the repost. Buggered it up along the way.

lol. sry guys. hlp?
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Oh dammit! I knew I forgot something!

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I'll be honest: At the beginning, I was thinking "What...the this shit?" but that might have had a little to do with the fact my headphones were way up. Loud, bassy buzzsynths kind make my jaw bones rattle. :P

Once it hit its stride, though, it paid off. Great job, Thrawn. Don't let my initial impressions put you off. ^_^

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Like Jeff JUST got done saying, reviews of games are by their very NATURE a matter of subject. As far as I'm concerned, you can only be so unbiased before you opinion on the game ceases to have any more value than the bullet-pointed advertisement sheet for it.

If you think Soulcalibur IV is a better game, then you already know where the game stands in your life. You don't need anyone else to tell you that.

I know how much it sucks to see games get less credit than they deserve in one's own eyes. Hell, I'm a fan of Dynasty/Samurai Warriors/Orochi, and as mediocre as the reviews they get are, I get a satisfaction from the games that others don't. I've had to get used to accepting that reviews for the next Warriors game is just going to be met with rolling eyes, sighs, and calls for the series to end, but you know what, there's a bunch of other fans out there like myself who snap the games up for what they DO bring to the table.

Not everyone sees what I see there. Likewise, I don't get why others get enjoyment out of, say, Final Fantasy. It's just life and video games. Making something more out of it like the topic creator is needless. Opinions are one thing. Insisting others should not be entitled with theirs is completely different, and the latter should not be something we waste our time on here.

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I recently harped on a user who had submitted questions in the trivia function for not putting the game the question related to in their trivia questions. I then went on to make the mistake on one myself.

I cannot find a question edit function, though. My question is three-fold:

1: Is there a way to edit questions?
2: If not personally, is there anyone who can modify one for me?
3: Is there a way to at least show what game a question concerns so these nebulous "Who is the final boss?" kinds of questions don't cause so much trouble?

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I cite this info-ad on the Xbox Live service:

Uh, poor choice of words on many, many levels...?
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LOL. Why scared? ^_^

Createme said:

"For the people who don't understand the question, here is what I am saying:

Would you play a gay video game character in a video game?

Sorry to anyone who misinterpreted the question!!!!!!!
This only for people you don't understand the question, but really it's the same question  :)
Yes: I play a bisexual, monogamous, good, pure, attractive female in Fable 2. In Fable, I played a bisexual, evil, scary cross-dressing male.

It's fun, as serious or as non-serious as I play the game. Sexuality figures into probably 2% of my actual game pursuits in games like Fable, so essentially, it's there, and that's the extent of it. Hence, I scratch my head and wonder why people get so up in arms about relatively insignificant issues like this.